How to Draw Charts: Trend Lines for Beginners


Introduction to Trend Lines
Technical Analysis Basics
Technical Analysis for Beginners
Introduction to Stock Charts

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Hitesh Lohar says:

Easy, Simple & Best Explanation!

James Miles says:

This was very informative thank you!

Kick to the head says:

Outstanding. Thank you

Janet Wagner says:

Finally trends explained in a way I can understand

ckoockoo says:

This is great thank you

Wes Ha says:

This channel deserves so much more subscribers

Nationalistic Pride says:

This helped me BIG TIME!

conscious212 says:

love you Guys!! !!

Llawen Corwynt says:

Thank you!!!!!

1000BTC CLUB says:

Omg.. this is the best video ever about how to draw trendline in thousands of video. Very clear, very easy to understand! Thank you so much!

Dario Alexander says:

Would this work also for Forex? Thank You

Kevin Shuman says:

Very good thank you

Elle Fontographer says:

it make sense a lot , thank a lot CG

Patrick Henderson says:

Great info thanks my man.

Cali Coins says:

that moment when you realize you just watched a video that’s gonna make you a millionaire. this information just opened up the flood gates to financial freedom. I greatly appreciate this information.

mohamed el bolkiny says:

this is great… very nice

Petru Mironescu says:

In the NKE examples, the downtrend line had a green candle close above it. Doesn’t that make it invalid?

Burt Ayers says:

Awesome job !!!

Chen QiYu says:

this is great! very nice

Lawrence Fernandes says:

how is your course on your website delivered, is it a bunch of DVDs mailed to an physical address or is it a downloadable video format?

79shavi says:

Keep doing the good work .. you are help the amateurs like us 🙂

tlhologelo peloane says:

o e bethile morena,o opile kgomo lenaka. bravo

roadrunner0626 says:

Very detailed and very easy to understand… Thanks

Frank Zhou says:

Clear and good concepts, thumb up

Carlo M says:

Great Video… thank you!

Stewart Ashton says:

Great Video…

FRIDDAY25 says:

someone give this man a handjob!

Michael Guldbech says:

Nice Stuff :)!

eddyvideostar says:

This is a good video: Trendline studies are interesting. The Indicators as the MACD, etc., have too much latency and tend to wiggle and scriggle without imparting much on many occasions. One can utilize these in conjunction, though; but they can often be distracting.


This is awesome..thax alot

Tim good says:

Thanks for the lesson :), Just starting out in investing and trading and this helped out heaps

Mathieu Chartier says:

Great Video !
On the Nike chart (21:00), there is a huge gap from 51.25 to 52, the market dont like gap, do you think that gap will be filled ?

Vinit kumar ojha says:

u r so great sir , good information lov u ssir

IB says:

Great video once again

Steven Burt says:

By far the best lesson on Trend Lines I have found – Thanks!

Chad711m says:

@TheChartGuys I’m new to trading. In your video at 6:30 you draw your support line on the bottom of the candle but you do not touch it to the bottom of the next red candle, instead you draw it to the wick. Doesn’t that go against the rule of thumb you use to draw your resistance line?

VHS Rescue says:

When you drew the last trend line, it cuts through a green candles body. Why is it still valid?

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