How To Do Technical Analysis On Stocks To Find Potential | Live Day Trader

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juntjoo nunya says:

What program is that and what does it cost? I’m not planning on paying for a losing game, in the beginning at least while I’m figuring out if I’ll have a chance of being one of the rare winners

joshua mendiola says:

I am new to this and trying to learn as much as I can,out of all the people I watched your vids are the best at explaining thing thanks keep it up

Hina Mirza says:

I really truly like and appreciate Ricky, but I have to say HE TALKS WAY TOOOOOO MUCH!

caligroovin1982 says:

The more repetitive the better, some of us have to hear something 5 times to get it.

Jess says:

You do not need to change your style just to entertain us, Ricky. You’re giving us helpful information for free. Thank you.

Daniel Simionescu says:

Great video. I am impressed by your insight and principles!

Rick J says:

I for one Love Repetition and Hate Hype. Love all the videos I have seen so far. I really appreciate your bids and Style. I personally am New to Investing and PC’s. I noticed you use Excel, I have never used it myself and was wondering if you have a video on how to use and set up. If not, would you’ve willing to do one?

Keith Barry says:

very good video, thank you for explaining

Ross Hernandez says:

Well said!! Thank you for spending the time to share!!

Brennan Manion says:

Where can we find this excel sheet?

Ngoni Memeza says:

i needed this video… thank you so much for sharing this Ricky

HardyTechnologies says:

What happens when you are in a bear market, its been years since we have had a bear market. I assume before you started trading

Omarr Dailak says:

It is so funny and sad at the same time that you get all the hate and envy for being so successful and well-informed for your age while others of your age or higher are employees with limited income, keep pushing forward, do what you love, I’m one of many who appreciate what you’re doing and giving to us the community. Thank you for spending time sharing knowledge. Much love bro.

JRPG Anonymous says:

Not repetitive. We need these talks. I learned a lot here.

RedEyeJedi says:

This guy is a self made millionaire he can talk fast as he wants to.

The Best says:

Thanks for this vid

Ben Earhart says:

In college, I took technical writing, and one thing we covered was called “Low Information Content” (LIC) writing. I tend to be an overly verbose writer and I have found that anything I write can be equivalently reworded in about 2/3 the word count. So, exact repitition isn’t always the case with these videos nor is it the crux of the issue. The crux of the issue is that at 4:10, the video is only beginning to touch on the information expectations set by it’s title.

carlos Vasquez says:

Can someone give me the pbp pdf here? Having trouble through facebook even though I’m part of techbuds

Mahmoud Sherif says:

Love you brooo I believe that you are the reason after god that will make me successful

Paul Roos says:

The only platform I have in south africa is iq options I wish I could invest in the same market as you guys

Diana Williams-Coe says:

ok you lost me so please do not stop being repetitive.. I am trying to understand how to do technical Analysis on stock? Is that the same thing on Doing Technical Analysis on finding potential stock? I do not think I can find stock until I know how to perform a Technical Analysis period?? right?? Do you have a video on how to Perform Technical Analysis period??

dazt66 says:

So just tried to sign up to Robinhood, but I live in the U.K and it would not let me. What one would you recommend for the U.K/Europe?

Lusus sevenone says:


Chris Bach says:

Thank you for the great info Ricky!!! I appreciate your energy and willingness to share!!!

Benjamin Collins says:

So, I’m probably doing something wrong but I’m looking at a penny stock currently that has support at $.89. Also the current ask price is $1.10. So, it seems if I place a stop limit at $.889 I’ve still lost $.211/share. Is this a reasonable loss or am I to assume that I should set my buy limit lower than the ask?

David M3 says:

Your repetitiveness really hammers in what is important. Besides that you are going to keep doing what works. Keep it up, doing a great job.

Richard McMurry says:

You have way to much pointless stuff on your charts, their is no way you can look at all those studies while trading a momentum stock. You can barely see the candles through all of them.

Manoel Silva says:

D I S C I P L I N E Rick. you’ve got it, simple word but difficult to reach and you master it. thank you

Jes ORT says:

Awesome video, Thanks.

Forerunner says:

I saw you had 999 likes couldn’t stand to look at that liked!

Kevin Santiago says:

If it’s profitable I do not mind if your videos stay boring.

Colby Erler says:

doesanyone know what formula he used to caluclate the “% risk” of85%?

Rick J says:

Thanks for the Video. I feel like I am learning moire since I started watching your vids

Saru Shan says:

Watched the whole thing!♥

Ron Crandall says:

Whether a person thinks that he’s repetitive or not, this young man knows more about trading than most people trading at the moment, and he’s sharing his knowledge for free. I personally need repetition to learn. I appreciate the time and effort that it takes to make these videos for people that he doesn’t know, who aren’t always the most appreciative. Not to mention most young people his age could care less about their future, and the future of others. Thank you, sir!

Dylan Brunning says:

Ricky Gutierrez how did you calculate the risk and growth on that excel spreadsheet?

Grizzly876 says:

f*cking amazing video, f*ck all the haters

ProGame+ says:

Bro You are Great!

hammychan145 says:

Great video Ricky thank you (PS your flag is hanging incorrectly)

Stephanie Vera says:

I wish I could’ve found you earlier but I found you now! THANK YOU SO MUCH RICKYYYYY <3 I have had three green days back to back because of your videos !!!

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