How The Pro’s Trade Using Moving Average (MA) Technical Analysis Stock Market Strategy has put together a video to explain how professional traders analyse and use Moving Averages (MA) for lots of different charting techniques. The 4 main uses are explained and pointed out on charts so you can see how they can be used and implemented into a trading plan to become a profitable trader faster.
Moving Averages (MA) are the most used indicator when conducting any chart analysis in the stock market. Understand the formula and how it is calculated to really start believing in this stock market indicator for better implementation. We hope you enjoy the video.
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Malinda W says:

somewhat agrees and disagrees

brutsi says:

Are you Danish? I can’t quite pinpoint the accent.

petar petrovic says:

Mighty Ma’s !!!

Mrslykid1992 says:

Dude, someone is looking for a whipsaw!

008maguire says:

A very good video…and i don’t say that often

Dan Dagerman says:

What are those candles called?

chonchon7 says:

thank you soooo much

shaun ng says:

cos u can make money faster in forex

Tawanda Chiwanza says:

Thanks for the video, short precise and very informative, I have subscribed and will watch your other videos too, thank you

Stock Market Strategy says:

@cjacobs537 You can use free sites like stockcharts or freestockcharts

mrhazel says:

ma’s give you the objectivity you need in a market that does not reward the subjective traders consistently. Forex is a better technical trading market than most everything else. It has the most leverage and you can make more if used properly. stocks have too much directional bias and futures goes thin overnight so that’s no use for me. and i hate limit up/limit down days. one limit order wrong in those other markets when the market gaps up or down and your ass is grass!

eddiequest4 says:

Hail – Trade Station.

Krypto Zoo says:

Is the blue 50 Moving average simple normal or exponential?

Stock Market Strategy says:

@GaryFrankLewis ….if the entry on the lower time frame is still within the parameters in the higher time frame. Meaning: Uptrend on 5 min chart, pullback on 1 min chart. Pullback on 1 min chart should not have broken your trend lines or MAs or whatever tool you have used to determine the trend on the 5 min chart. Hope this helps

Stock Market Strategy says:

TC2000 by Worden. I have put linked in video description.

alexander hernandez says:

some please explain how all this trading works i hear you can make a living off of this but i simply dont understand it all i see is lines help please and thank you for your time. 🙂 first person to help will get a sub and i will help get subs im a small channel but know alot of big people !

raspail99 says:

so be aware when you teach making the difference between facts and opinions. that the price pulled back to the ema and then continued to go directional, this is a fact in the past that we see on chart. but to say that when the price reach the ema, after, in the future well do something specifically, it is a opinion and you need to specify that difference because the people need to know clearly that there is a risk to lose money because we can just think in therms of probabilities…

GabrielB28 says:

Great videos! The best I have found so far – clear explanations, thank you!

loszhor says:

Very thorough and useful. Thank you.

Roger Cobbs says:

very good

Stock Market Strategy says:

@GaryFrankLewis A lot of traders are confused of how to use multiple time frames. I believe it started from Dr. Elders book where he mentioned how you get one signal on one time frame and then wait for signal on the other time frame. I have never been able to successfully apply this theory to real trading as the 2nd signal almost always comes when the first signal is no longer valid. How we use multiple time frames is by analyzing the trend and then drop down and get entry on lower time frame..

IH8585 says:

Do you have any ma’s that don’t lag behind the stock price. Thx:)

helpdonate1 says:

yeah but your profits will be smaller.

el1te1984 says:

Forex is the best to day trade! Use the Lmax to trade, its an exchange so you get very low spreads, under 1 pip on eur/usd.

Jacob Mathew says:

nicely presented and very gud information and sincerely presented

Craig Listing says:

im so confused, how could you go in (4:05) if the trading has already passed and done?

420HEADY says:


WaraV12 says:

Wich platform do u use?

MRKLjinjang says:

To me MAs are slow and outdated and very crude.

Rafal Z says:

There is only one reason why people loose in this business: they are on there wrong side of a trade – instead of selling crappy trading product to gullible newbies they are buying them. Most of TA is BS but it is great product for marketing. Watch video “PROOF That Forex is RANDOM”. In essence this guy takes a chart and is showing how TA is nicely describing market behaviour and psychology, human reactions to trendlines, support/resistance, Fibonacci etc. And then comes the punchline: this is not real chart but randomly generated candlesticks in Excel. This shows people that we see on charts what we want to see. TA does not beat the randomness of markets.

Gags Singh says:

mate, start using Candle sticks instead

raspail99 says:

being objective is all is need!
don’t teach facts that are not exist.

the price are not reaching the ema!!! the price have not conciseness to do something. the price could do everything, come close to ema, touch the ema, cross the ema, cross back the ema and so on… independently of what price are doing, you don’t know what will happened next and based on this unique truth you need to understand that everything else is pure interpretation of what the price had don in the past.

venky Raz says:


Pule Mochumi says:

How do i download your ebook. I still struggle with entry points

Level 7 says:

good vid!

javon nelson says:

I’m a noob at this but I’ve done a lot of research any tips?

Tom Stack says:

Very good info !!!

Yash Gupta says:


Stock Market Strategy says:

I agree. These people who wrote about Forex were just trying to sell you stuff by posting links.

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