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Full show notes: – – Coming in on episode number six is a trader who I have a great amount of respect for – Tim Walker. I say this because, it wasn’t the first time I met Tim…

A couple years back, I had the opportunity of attending an intimate 3 day workshop he tutored. Over these few days, Tim was an open book of trading knowledge and it was clear he knows how to extract a serious profit from the market. With that in mind, I knew I had to have him on the show to share some of those insights with you.

In today’s episode Tim consistently deliverers great pointers, especially for those who are technically inclined. He also goes into detail about the influence Gann’s methods have on his own approach to trading. In particular Gann’s ‘50% rule’ which continues to hold weight in today’s market – study and backtest this one, see for yourself.

Now there’s a lot to takeaway from this interview, hence the length and the extensive list of lessons below. It may even be a good idea to play it through twice – enjoy!

Lessons Learnt in this Interview:

– The importance of looking at the bigger picture, and trading with the overall trend.

– How the effect of positive thinking can rub off on your trading – creating your own luck.

– How Tim got a handle on learning to trade, breaking it down one week at a time. And the power of repetition.

– Tim shares his (logical) views on fundamentals and news releases, and how the majority are often fooled. Also touching on the impact of emotional trading by the herd.

– A breakdown of the steps and process that defines trading. He almost makes it sound simple…

– The 50% rule of W D Gann, and how this often calls a change in trend.

– The reason why double and tripple bottoms/tops occur, and why they are often a great pattern to trade.

– Why it is so important to document your trades. Tim shares how one of his subscribers was able to dramatically increase his profitability by doing this one thing alone.

– And much, much more…


Taras Grebin says:

Great interview, thanks

HouTian Tan says:

Agreed with Tim when he said that market tends to move in the opposite direction of news release. Buy when news are bad, sell when news are good.

vwazp says:

most excellent

Mwenyeji Kesho says:

who in the world sits out a whole month just waiting for a signal ?????Some of these traders just not serious

Rick Quesada says:

but it was still a great interview, I just wished he would have touched a bit more about his studies , but very great interview

AnuRodh Sing says:

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Ben Delbianco says:

What exactly is meant by “the market,” is it the exchange? sector? how does this compare to an individual stock?

Bernie Bernie says:

Wow great interview Aaron, on my top 5 so far. Thanks for your devotion to trading knowlege!

Abhinesh Daas says:

I use moving averages quiet a bit but I also pay attention to news headlines to understand if there will be movement in the market. In side ways market It can extremely hard for traders to making using directional swing trades

K M says:

Absolutely invaluable. Impossible to put a price on the huge amount of practical advice, insights and wisdom crammed into this hour long interview. Just AWESOME!

Harrison Delfino says:

I use MarketXLS. It works great.

Ngoc Bui says:

I’ve listened to the first 6 interviews and so far they are all fantastic but this one with Tim is on the top of my list. I’m blown away by all the valuable knowledge that Tim shared and above all I’m enamored by his positive mindset. Thank you for this most excellent interview.

abdennour djema says:

IS this Gann trading ?? fuckers?? stop selling your crap , nothign to with Gann trading

Matthew Hunter says:

Aaron, I’ve listened to the first few episodes, I enjoy them, thank you for doing them on YouTube. I was wondering how has your personal trading evolved since starting?

Addicted2stocks says:

Chat with traders one of the few channels on youtube which brings you forward in trading! Thx for your work and effort!

troyatwork says:

Great job . Some very useful insights . Thanks .

b.cage says:

Can someone please explain to what he meant at between 34-37 minutes, hes talking about the range dropping 10 points at 500,000 shares, then the next day moving up 5 points, with the same amount of shares being traded.
But then hes says that there where more buyers on the day the range fell 10 points??? if there ere more buyers the stock would have gone up, no???
did he mean more sellers???

Feelslike Zoom says:

What’s Tim Walkers Trading performance ?? Has he outperformed the SP500 or ASX 300 accum index??

dadam698 says:

This guy sells a gann course for 599$. Why you dont interview guys that are just traders ? I cant trust the words of a course seller

Iccanui says:

Kinda wild how ancient knowledge and modern knowledge come together.

Ben Delbianco says:

Wow what an incredible understanding

Grant Dawson says:

Really enjoyed this interview. Tim had some great advice.

Abade says:

Practical points from 006:
– There is more to trading than there is in the beginners book, so keep learning.
– Getting the same number of long and shorts during a bull market is often not a good signal (you are missing the bigger picture).
– Always look at the “bigger picture” (superior time-frames).
– You can look for strong turning points (double tops/bottoms) and/or market position, and then time a trade on a given signal (OHCL & Volume are the 5 variables to look for in most cases).
– You can mix scaling out and scaling in.
– Scaling out has a positive psychological effect. Scaling in after taking half a position allows to build a position into the trend.
– Some positive fundamental relases are published to fool gullible traders into buying something that has already exhausted (trust what price is telling you instead of news).
– Double tops and bottoms are tradable on both directions (you can reverse if wrong and still do good).
– Feedback from journal is a good way to determine how to increase winning habits and stop losing ones.
– The more you know a market/instrument, the clearer the patterns and “personality” are.
– Markets usually prepare themselves for the big moves where they don’t move much at all, when they move they usually do it very quick.
– Only trade moving markets.
– There is no room for amateurs in the game of life, so be a professional in anything you do.

Grow Limitless says:

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Kit Kuhlman says:

Aaron, thank you so much for putting the effort in to asking such great questions. Great facilitation, awesome interviews!

Dominic Vincent says:

Very generous and honest interview. Thanks to both of you.

Rick Quesada says:

in this interview Tim Walker talks about how he struggled when he first started trading ,and then he talks about how he got out of the market to study a bit more , but the most important part to new traders, is what he studied and he doesn’t talk about the nost important part , What a let down .!!! Come on now Tighten up!!!

L Weiner says:

Thank you!

damian duran says:

Thanks Aron and Tim, great interview, almost criminal the few views it has!

PJCNAT Nadad says:

Great interview! It was definitely worth listening to.

TheIntrospects says:

28:45 He talks about waiting for the market to be in a position to make a trade, and then awaiting the signal. What exactly is he talking about when he says signal? A particular candle stick? A spike in volume?

Ricky Bobby says:

I like how tim points out that the biggest problem for new traders is not knowing what type of market they’re in.A setup that works in a trending market is not going to work in a market thats ranging.I wish more traders would talk about this

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