Did a Valid Bullish Pattern Fail with Bitcoin? (Technical Analysis)

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Did a smaller valid flag pattern fail with BTC? We had a descending channel which could be seen as a valid bull flag continuation to move to the upside but did it fail and if so, why?

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Nathan Ofzion says:

Didn’t fight the trend

Toblerusse says:

Thanks for going straight into the video rather than others who yammer on about subscribing and “smashing” that like button. Save that repetitive junk for the end. Cheers

Karman Bassi says:

comparing to last year i feel like the overall market is getting awfully close to bottom

Tina Lee says:

Sincere appreciation to you Joe for clearly explaining how to analyze the patterns. Learn much from your videos. Thank you much!

Darryl Strawberry says:

Yes it failed!! Btc now will collapse epically down below $4k for the beginning of the end of all cryptos!!!

Mohammed r says:

what about the head n shoulder everyone on about

Michael Manfro says:

Reverse head and shoulders

Greg Meyer says:

Awesome! you added outro beats.. 🙂

Salomon Markovich says:

what time frame are you looking at this

Lance Jordan says:

When you say “it’s setting up nicely” what does that mean? Setting up for exactly what? We’ve already determined shorting BTC is not a good plan. So what is?? Thanks again!!!

Mr B says:

That’s exactly what you guys said about this selloff during the live stream few days ago.

Zhun hua Yuan says:

Will you guys be able to post the previous live stream for re-watch? Thank you

Simon DV says:

I dont think this guys believes himself

Michael Conroy says:

It’s really clicking for me! I completed your course and am feeling much more confident. Question: why, in the video, did you draw the trend line from the top of the wick to the top of the bottom candle? That candle looked like it had a wick that went to the top of the structure. Isn’t that a “test” of the structure and further confirmation of the nature of the structure? Which actually played out- but why draw from the top of the wick to the top of the candle?

Matt Rowland says:

Well done! I’m learning more and more from your videos! So may people were calling for 7200 before a correction. So Many! I was tempted to buy in an attempt to make a few hundred bucks, but when I saw that rejection of the trend line yesterday, I decide the risk was not worth the potential reward. You guys rock!

A Y M E S says:

I’m just mad because from my humble analysis and with the help of your shared knowledge I was expecting it to break to the downside yet I didn’t sell ( for the 100th time ) because I was too afraid. I even had alerts for it too just in case. Usually my opinions turn out to be true but they only happen later than I expect so I end up regreting and mess it up. This time I didn’t sell because I thought it could maybe go a bit higher and then go down. And now I think it’s risky to sell it.
Hopefully I’ll master this with the help of your course. Thanks so much guys.

cyberprompt says:

I saw this coming. I hate seeing a rising wedge, but didn’t sell anything, just waited for the correction and made my final purchase. 6400 level (due to fees) for 5 consecutive buys. STILL BULLISH.

mikesav9 says:

Thanks guys, always appreciated.

Johnny B says:

Fantastic TA as always Joe.
Thanks so much.

m/n # says:

Will you uplode last live video?
Or delete?

Stratis Constas says:

Thank you. I was wondering how far impulse down we could expect to see. I ended up buying the course started it last night. So far encouraged with what I am learning.

Mark B says:

Thank Randle, Joe. been watching and studying the course you guys just released! Very creative and honest and simple/ Thank you!!!! Worth it

Ricardo Bartolomeu says:

Your last video was spot on.
If I could I would enroll in your course.
Best of luck and I hope you continue to post here more often 🙂

VAN HOA Company says:

Thank you very much for your sharing. It is easy and simple to understand.

Jose Duarte says:

Just happened what you said on the last video 🙂 , without you showing RSI, or MACD, now I get why your course it will be unique , well done!

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