Day Trading Breakouts Using Technical Analysis with High Accuracy in the Stock Market

Day Trading Breakouts using technical analysis with high accuracy in the stock market is a science! And we want to teach you how to invest your time wisely so that you can become and expert in the stock market! Learn our day trading strategies with these 7 Free Video Lessons!

The FOUS4 Academy. Application only Mentor-ship

I am a veteran stock trader of 10 years. I developed the Fous4 strategy and I teach Day Trading strategies for beginner to intermediate traders. We have the most hands-on program as the Fous4 Team works hard for your success.

I focus on part-time momentum trading strategies including swing-trading and day-trading both long and short.

Learn my Entire Strategy Perfected over 10 years! All my Courses are Available for Immediate Streaming:…

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teycir bensoltane says:

Please no music or turn its volume down, makes it harder to hear you explaining properly.

Rygel64 says:

I wasn’t a huge fan of the music I’m afraid. It was a little bit distracting.

Sleman Usmanee says:

Love your vids bro but dam I felt like I was watching a star wars movie..

SaralaTV says:

man i went out and punch my neighboor, this music is evil. But had a nice Epic moment for the hood

gabriel ramsey says:

the amount of marketing tricks you use is actually quite impressive. the language you use, flaunting expensive things, bringing up common mistakes in climatic moments and swoop in with selling yourself. its so impressive that it works in your disadvantage. you seem so sly dude ahahhahaa. i get it, >90% of traders lose money, its a huge market of stupid, greedy boys. do with them as you wish.

TrickTrades says:

thanks for the new content!


I like your home It is excellent

Nicolas Weller says:

Bro ur so damn cool

Pat Fonta says:

thank you for the lesson !

Gilbert Serna III says:

What platform is this?

g naka says:

Please tell us what broker and platform you use. Why don’t you trade Forex?

chris carpcatcher king says:

the music was spot on mate and whens fous4 gonna have another great discount on the course like you did in the summer?

blanchard zoukouan says:

Good job

Rodriguez Stark says:

Hey, got any tips for a 15 year old trader? Started trading in september and winning 67.15 % of the time and up 18k $ done 237 trades. Thanks

nitin thorat says:

thnx so much big brother

Glenn Dormaels says:

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Chad Mitchell says:

good stuff…thx.

Dylan Wells says:

Hey fous, just one question. Typically when stocks breakout are there any news behind the the stock that would indicate that it is a sure thing that the stock will go up? So for an example of a company is forming the revival pattern but it’s financial statements come out and they are actually losing money. Would steer away from the revival pattern in that case or would you still trade it because of its consistency with your trading method?

Vaughan Adams says:

Hi Cameron, I’m currently 17 years old trading with a small account with little success, however I’ve been extremely inspired by your videos and been growing a real passion for learning about the market. I’m hoping you might be able to help me out in being able to learn on how to properly trade with confidence and i was just wondering about your schooling you offer if students really benefit from it afterwards. I dont mean this the wrong way just that i dont have a lot of money in my family or personally to spend but i do want to invest in education for this and i was hoping you might be able to help me out with a decision. Thanks for any reply, keep posting your videos their awesome!

ifeoma kazi says:

How do you find stocks you trade
please response

Nech Migel says:

very useful information, i will add this to my method list and try it it looks great. thanks

Damien R says:

Thanks for valuable tips! Good video!

hayden galyean says:

Great video learned a lot of information!! Keep up the good work

Zaid Chalabi says:

that music was amazing. wow
what is it called ?

Said Binn says:

Please turn off the music or move the dial low. At times, its hard to hear your voice. Thanks for the tips though.

NeasTube says:

Music playing while you talk is unbelievably distracting.

Camelot says:

Great vid!

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