Candlestick charts: The ULTIMATE beginners guide to reading a candlestick chart

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The ULTIMATE beginners guide to reading a candlestick chart
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Platypus Laxative says:

A problem I find with a lot of other channels is that they immediately start talking in technical jargon. I thought tech guys were bad, but stock heads can be completely intolerable and find myself lost within a matter of seconds. Thanks broheim.

UnSocialExperiment says:


bless idan says:


Top MasterClass says:

very clear. keep it up!

Jaime V says:

Wow best video out there hands down!

Daniel says:

I’d greatly appreciate if anyone can help with this question:
At 11:20, since the stock broke the resistance yet again, we were expecting a bullish trend. But the stock went down and broke the support. Can you ever tell when a stock will have that turning point where it breaks the projected trend?

AJCiti says:

Wonderful explanation them you

alosgm1 says:

Thanks for the very useful video. I have 2 questions: can we use this method for whatever time scale, planning for the long term in a monthly or yearly time scale, for example? Also, can we assume the daily trading is only profitable for more expensive stocks or large quantities of cheaper stocks? Thanks in advance!

love jones says:

best explanation ever!

Sergio AG says:

That makes a lot of sense, thank you bro

Jay Allison says:

That is one of the best training videos on any subject I have seen across YouTube. Brilliant and so easy to understand. Thank you.

Eh Muq says:

You have new sub mann

Supa Zoe says:

the best break down i ever watched

Akin Awogbemila says:

This cleared some major cobwebs…thanks a lot.

Philip Cheong says:

Thank you for the great video! But why are the closing price in green and opening price in red not equal in 5:58? And it happens to most of the other candles too.

j gee says:

Great video bud

Stanley godfrey says:

thank you so much thats very comprehensive wish you could take me though this trading thing as a mentor

Conor Carroll says:

What trading platform is best for beginners?

StevenTobey1 says:

Its hard to get me to subscribe to a channel, but you sir… have won a sub without a question.

Lesio says:

very interesting but can’t you come to the same conclusion regarding uptrend and downtrend without using candlesticks?

Henri Morris says:

This is Dope Bro

Kevin White says:

The trading Channel hello and good day to you. I was wondering how do you know that the price would’ve moved in that order when you were talking about the candle stick anatomy? Very confusing to me please help.

Jackie Fornilos says:

you are great you explained it so easily

Shahan says:

This video is about support and resistance and trends not reading candle sticks

Thama Nemukongwe says:

well explained…Thanks

Jason Marlow says:

Will this be as effective for identifying crypto trends as well?

$uccessfully$imone' says:

You truly are appreciated. I have had so many aha moments. I’m on a marathon with this channel! Considering the EAP Program..If this is what is given for free I am confident that taking the actual course will be a smart and profitable investment for the trading career im trying to build.

Adam Adcock says:

Great video, new sub ,do you have any videos on VWAP ,RSI charts.

Ajinkya Babar says:

Amazing Video !! Thank you so much 🙂

James Taylor says:

Proper fucking video.

Rita Botha says:

Great info thank you!

Brandon Quinn says:

I have spent a lot of time watching other videos on candlesticks never commenting on any until now, I learned more in the last 15 minutes then I did watching all of the others combined. Articulated very well and I wish I had watched yours first. Truly is the ultimate guide for beginners. I appreciate it and look forward to watching the other videos you’ve done.

Danielle Lion says:

Thank you!

saini Saini says:

Can you explain when to enter trade on break of resistence or aftet close below of resistence after pull back explain it

maria e barahona says:

Thank you I am starting and this video is clear!

Lohan Semeghini says:

Thank you, very helpful!

nandana padmakumara says:

good lesson

Milouni Sheth says:

this is genuinely the best video ever!

princesscool69 says:

im testing this strat right now and i cannot believe how simple and effective this shit is =O now the hard part of figuring out thresholds of anomalies that break resistance but wont have a break out

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