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Stephen Warren says:

I’ve been investing for 10 years and have a formal university degree in finance. Now that said the one thing i have an issue with it stop losses. let’s say a support on WEED is $41, and its trading above this price. ok so lets say i bought at 41.50 and 41 would be a stop. do you put 40.99 for the stop loss? like how do you know what price to put as the stop loss beyond the resistance and support prices. and let’s say you did 40.99 as stop loss. what happens if the order hit you? like if it did this (like this it did a couple days ago) @ $48.40 was old high and then it hit 48.41 (only one cent more)…. then pulled back. so i don’t even know where to place them. I still do but i need help knowing where to place a stop loss. My concern is it will go to 48.41 and then i sell because of stop loss. But then it goes down and im long not short. options are best for trading i just need help figuring out where to place then above or below support/ resistance. sorry the post isn’t very grammatically great but it is what it is. love you all.

DanK00707 says:

Could you comment on this ticker? WMD they signed an agreement to supply shoppers drug mart.

Bizul says:

I know of a chart that may interest you. It’s a privacy cryptocurrency that distributed 10 million coins to the public over 40 weeks. Many are selling the free coins they got from the airdrop yet the price is holding strong against the bearish BTC, I think it bottomed. I’m sure you heard about it by now… DeepOnion is the next big thing in privacy.

preeeak says:

LHS, MPX, And TGIF had huge runs

Anonymous Man says:

What sort of portfolio size do you need to scalp, or rather, what % are you scalping that make it worthwhile? Are we talking <0.5% or greater?

Akshay Sapra says:

Hey Dan, im a member of your slack channel. Does that give me access to the FB group?

buddysai1 says:

Notification squaad

Alex Simonelli says:

check out ACG WMD and ALEF!! great video as always !

IAMT3XAS says:

When you are speaking of the quick gap down and drop on monday morning. How do you know when to expect that V-shaped bounce? I guess are you looking at a particular time frame? Thanks again. Love your videos!

Kevin McKee says:

All right my first Canadian mj video. Gathering more capital to buy crypto dip. I’m doing good enough I’m gonna watch these for a while. Learn some names and figure out how to get money on mj I worked for the Colorado ballot and worked in the industry here for a couple years. I started trading crypto for political reasons. I am not slave. So since my sweet Mary Jane is an enemy of my enemy than I am going to make Mary Jane my friend in the trading world. Do good things. Continue to fight slavery. Continue to fight slavery by putting my money into the world I will live in and my son will live as he grows.

Maple Mike says:

Hey GrandMaster, Blo(cannabix) the steps look sexy.

James says:


Bjorn Eugster says:

Is it possible to trade Canadian MJ with BTC or only USD

Roman says:

any thoughts on Germany to delist all cannabis stocks? would that effect north american exchanges?

Jackson Brown says:

Can’t wait for that video Dan…would love to hear your story as im just starting out in trading and would love to get your perspective on the business.

Umm Brad says:

Would be interested to hear your thoughts on RTI and MARI.

Tim Cartwright says:

Good to have your regular commentary back Dan.

Ian Harper says:

Hi Dan, in your crypto video you said “its definitely a bit late at this point” in regards to Canadian MJ. What exactly did you mean by that? Do you think the new bull run has already taken off and won’t last much longer? WEED is the only name to hit new ATH and seems like there’s still plenty of time to be buying for longer term positions.

Also, the price data for TSX names comes in 15 mins late to trading view, you don’t have this problem do you? I’m not sure why this is happening with me.

debit256 says:

Very interested in your future video about your progression as a trader. Hope to see it soon.

Roxorito says:

they’re blocking access to US etfs in europe ;/

1988Allnatural says:

I’ll throw out a name you haven’t mentioned before VFFIF

chouninard 1987 says:

Great video as always.. Can you do some mid cap cdn mj plays.. OGI THCX.. And more US MJ.. IAN, CRZ, MPX LHS

Tim Chin says:

Thanks for making these, I learn a ton from your perspective.

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