BTC January 15th Live Stream Technical Analysis – Are The Bears Still At Play

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The password is my name: philakone
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Thomas Lytje says:

@Philakone if you are dollar-cost averaging you buy for the same amount of dollars, not the same amount of BTC.

Spencer J. says:

dead cat bounce

Jermine 110 says:

happy new yr phil

Baschi i says:

Phil do we see Eliot waves also apply in the triangle?

B says:

thanks for the analysis ur ETH analysis helped me make some profit today !

Isaac Taylor says:

Incredible TA. Thank you sir!

Makubekz says:

Will you guys be super bullish if we get a monthly tweezer bottom?

cryptopaul says:

Hi Phil, greetings fellow Canadian! Great content! I love the overall general market perspective in this video. I wish I could have tuned in live today but i’m at my office construction 9-5. Just wondering your thoughts on max leverage amounts on Bitmex? I realize you trade on Bitfinex at 3.3x but what would you recommend? 3x, 5x, 10x max? Swing vs Scalp different leverage requirements… Maybe Eric Choe has some advice as well. Keep up the great content! Cheers

Torre Sassen says:

The moment you stopped your lifestream, bitcoin took a dive haha. I’ve shorted ETH since 133. Keeping it short till btc hits 3525.

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