BTC December 1st Bitcoin Technical Analysis – Fibonacci Targets

My new course #2 is now live on Udemy.

It shows my trading style with intermediate to advanced strategies you’ve seen me use to make consistent profit every week in the market. It also has a high emphasis trading psychology.
To purchase with a credit card on Udemy:

Step 1) For Course #2
Use this link to access course #2 with password: philakone

The password is my name: philakone

For Course #1. You need to understand course #1 to learn course #2)
Use this link to access course #1 with password: philakone

The password is my name: philakone
To purchase with cryptocurrency. Note that there may be a delay of up to 24 hours to process.

Step 1)
Send $190 in crypto to the following of your choice:

BTC Address: 357j3P2CuybfWh13V4uig9TJDJdqiR8CMx

ETH Address: 0xc7a004b214db83bb05eee99f3d0e06ad02b858fc

XRP Address and Tag: rLW9gnQo7BQhU6igk5keqYnH3TVrCxGRzm / Wallet: 120086840

LTC Address: LL7misJsxX8kDzjnbvxupetVykCP58B1ZD

Step 2)
Once payment is sent, please send me a screen shot by direct message on Twitter of your transcation directly from your exchange. If you also reply to any of my tweets #udemy, I’ll DM you as soon as I see it too.

Step 3)

I’ll send provide a free voucher to access the course.
I look forward to seeing many students in the class.

Note: If you send the wrong amount by accident, I cannot refund crypto for security reasons since my withdraw is always 100% locked.

I also offer a support group that runs for 4 months from November 2nd to Feb 28, with spaces limited to only 1,000 students, where I’ll dedicate the next 4 months to answering every single question you ask. This support group can be accessed for 4 months for $195.


Thanasis says:

Kinda new to your channel, I love your vibe, your postitive attitude is contagious! Keep sharing awesome information and stay real! 😉

what a shambles says:

Isn’t the longs dropping bulls profit taking? Enjoy the yacht 🙂

james gormally says:


Nik Kukuruza says:

Appreciate your TA and insights. What are your thoughts for a gradual downtrend closer to 3K? Cheers?

gibbo omg says:

Man wtf

Nicolaus Isco says:

The grin on your face while talking to your girl is so awesome. I am happy for you!

The Goer says:

I have no idea what this dude is talking about is there a crypto book I need to read to decode this

Robert W says:

Glad to see you not getting used and abused by fake profiles. I started getting into ob ta. Im straight killing it.

Kariem Madani says:

Donate me some bitcoins philakone! I could use some, thankyou


Robert G says:

Great video as usual. Where is Eric Chow’s page? Thanks

Tom7 says:

I think 4800 likely won’t happen imo, 4500 double top probably. But then again, i’m not even watching bitcoin that closely atm, those BSV swings and scalps are far too profitable for me to care about BTC atm.

MrUldahl says:

This is so cheesy. Been a follower from the start but not going to listen to this nonsense any longer. Hopefully you will get your shit together. Absolute disgraceful performance tonight.

Daedalus says:

It’s been several weeks since I’ve seen some decent nipple pinching action. 6 out of 9.

Rick Deckard says:

Use to think I needed to trade everyday but learning to be more patient and waiting for the right setups. Thanks Phil!

JiggyPatel says:

I follow you for your weird personality than TA.

Damian Mendez says:

Dude you’re sick and awesome!! 😀

Hauk Johansson says:

Great content and funny video, as usual.

ankush jairath says:

i want to buy this soft porn using xvg

Maurice P says:

Hello Philakone, Thanks again for the TA! Have a nice day you and your girl…

Stream of Thought says:

seems like u like ur gf that is cool im happy 4 u

Dennis Dirscherl says:


Sunday Pie says:

Happy to see you happy.

ivebeentagged says:

Nice one Philakone!! thank you for sharing. This one was definately different lol

Tramb0x says:

How does he make make money in the long run if the downtrend continues? I mean, he is a daytrader and can win trades daily but overall his reserves are burning.

Andrei Calina says:

Looks like invers Head and shoulders, what do you think?

Michael says:

Enjoy Dat Yachhhht

Evgeny K says:

What if we’re now at wave 3?

Clay says:

whats that for an Vape, Von Erl?

Devon the man says:

billy raffoul forever playing in the background lol. Algos setting up nicely on the 30 min for a xrp short now. thanks for sharing again brother

Ram Ding says:

Thanks Philakone!

Hassan Alhakeem says:

10:40 back to the TA

Abdul Tohid says:

Awesome so grateful sharing your thoughts and knowledge

nbajwadc says:

Pat on the back brother!! Love your TA. keep up the good work!

Mark D. says:

small time playa …make dollars lose thousands

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