BTC August 6th BTC Technical Analysis + $220 / 1.5% in 14 Minute Live Trade

My new trading course is now live. I have no doubt that if you put in hard work every day, continuously improve your skills, and thrive to become a better trader, that you’ll excel to the level you want to be. I look forward to having many students and see you there. Please visit here on how to sign up and if it’s right for you:

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mazakajr says:

I am a baye wheal
thanks philakon

Jake Hubbs says:

Love this man, his burtal honesty, his no fucks given attitude and the fact the he scalps trades but not his followers. Much respect.

A Mokhtar says:

I have so much respect for you Philakone, you’ll always be my mentor no matter what happens bc of your morals and values! keep it up being true to yourself..


Mall Plugs says:

Respect bro for your honesty

Adam Barnes says:

Shots fired.

Tys says:

50-0 kdr

Fahid Khan says:

phil I’m a lucky follower that watched your free tutorials and im not going to lie i was losing a lot at the start but you put a fire in my belly and ive used what youve taught combined with other free content from a range of places to get to a stage where im winning over 50% of trades and with the right r:r im doing so much better. I cant even imagine what i’d be like in another couple of years

Kyle Hawk says:

Thanks to your educational videos I called this EW back on wave 3. Called the 4th at 6800+, now waiting for the 9K 5th wave. Feels amazing to watch it happen just like you thought it would.

Mastaa Banana says:

can you tell us again which moving averages you re using? (except the 55)

parisotto86 says:

Eric Choe… shots fired!

Amin Kh says:

thank you for criticizing signal selling!

David Moe says:

Well said, appreciate the transparency as always

Lucky Mehla says:


CO Paul says:

Good to see you doing BTC TA again!!!! Very inspiring vid. Thankyou!!

NeptunOrbit says:

well, i can not participate in your course right now, but I will as soon as possible. So far your videos taught me A LOT, and I’m on fire. With the little resources i have at my disposal these days, I will hammer a way into independence for my small family. Thank you!

Dominic Merlo says:

Still happy about buying IOTA at .82 cents? I think not.

alexmglobal says:

Phil, again and again, a HUUUUUGE respect to you ;]

BMB NEWS says:

I think Phil you can accept Eric Cho challenge​ 1k to 1mill

Kyle Hawk says:

Well shit, I hate humble pie. Thought I was right for once.

EDWARDDDKING says: rock..i love your honesty, you`re the best guy ever!

D Krypto says:

thanks for the free edu bro !

Bosky Bitcoin says:

get ready for 4400
Eliot Wave is a joke

brennanlabs says:

Great Video, thanks … But what happened to your hand! Absolutely happy to have bought your Udemy course.

JP H says:

One day Phil, you and I shall drink but for now, I must trade.

EO Crypto says:

Savage and awesome as always. Thanks for all you do

Jonathan Noel says:

I just like you Phil

Austin Quarles says:

Erics gunna beat that ass at the family reunion lol

Mohammed Asif says:

Credit to you phil i agree 1000% learn how to trade yourself if you cant learn DONT trade at all…… i will never ever again join a signal service what a load of rubbish there just after your money dont care if you make money or not as long as they are making money

Josh an says:

F$cking Sharks!I love it

88Zero says:

Phil’s the man, do his Udemy course, follow his videos on YT, you won’t regret it. 6 months in I’m making profitable trades.

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