Bitcoin Technical Analysis (BTC/USD) : Too Soon to Put the Bear Spray Away… [01.14.2019]

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Travel Videos says:

I believe that nothing is clean and very hard to make it out is because you have people like me selling and buying without looking at technical analysis and had nothing to do with markets before.

Simon H says:

I don’t agree with your bullish view. Imo we’re having a correction from the recent move down atm. After this, we’ll have more downside imo(!!)

Clara Brian says:

The same company owns Coindesk and they are paying out well. This is the best bitcoin free earning site i have ever seen. I earned $1200 on my first day and still earning in thousands till today..

Joe Hardy says:

Great work Sam!

Zandz Ferg says:

Thanks Sam! Still sicking with the theory that we are in a final fifth wave down to the $2800 region, though. 🙂

T Walker says:

Again, thank you Sam. I appreciate the primary count while also showing the secondary count. It is always a pleasure to watch your Professional TA !!!

Carlos Laasi says:

awesome job !

Claudette Barger says:

Testing at around $3,600 seems pretty weak just like stated in the video and i seriously doubt if it would hold so i presume a further decline closer or even below the $3,000 area. I am really surprised that so many people saw the bulls with early this weeks high of slightly above $4,000 and it really amazes me how any slight increase is termed a bull run. It was quite obvious from the charts we would have a dipping and here it is. I wish more people will get disconnected with the HODL mentality and actually learn to and master the art of trading because obviously, the average person could easily get so emotional and illogical with cryptos and blind to the real money maker which is trading. If you are not experienced enough to make real consistent profit with your BTC, you can easily copy trade patterns and signals which you can implement in your own trades and have the same success as your mentor. My recommendation would be Brock Burkitt (BrocckBurkitt@gmailcom) or WhatsApp him *+1-518-351-9039* cos i and 3 other friends use his system and between December and now, i have accumulated profits well over $62,000. I’d advice never get emotional and hold when even quite a number of those who scream HOLD are actually doing the opposite and trading with their own expertise or that of others.

Crazy prayingmantis says:

Look I’m no expert but until we get a higher high maybe it’s best to just stay away.

Athan Thompson says:

Thanks Sam

Cory Capaldi says:

Fuck Elliot wave and its “truncated 5th impulse z wave on the axis of the apex”. Bullshit. Price action and support levels. Thats it. Elliot sucks and so does Trade “rarely ever right” Devil.

Cal says:

Thanks for your TA. Watch the longs and shorts. When the longs strongly out number the shorts there will be a major dump. This pump wick is sus. Just my thoughts.

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