Bitcoin Technical Analysis (BTC/USD) This is a Big Swing… [03/23/2018]


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th tan says:

but what makes you think it will be a abc projection lower? can it also be it is a 12345 up when the low 8280 is done?

ChinoLatino 397 says:

Can you do one for ethereum please 🙂

CryptoJane says:

It doesn’t get better than this, thanks so much! 🙂

Reuben Vaughan says:

Ill be surprised if we go up this early. I see $7600 coming. But what do I know.

global terroil says:

excellent analysis

Louis Cheung says:

You’re a complete algo computer

Lance Seljestad says:

I emailed you respond when convenient please

Jalicia Wilson says:

gig9 my first choice to invest

Love Raj Singh says:

Sam my man! THX your insane 😉

Jesicca Kimberly says:

Gig9 has all my likings

mikedeek says:

Very hard to see the prices of the targets on smaller devices any chance you can zoom in a little more on the counts . Thanks

fawad shahzad says:

can i see your picture plsss

Johann Wolf says:

Thanks Sam, Since you posted this there was a little rally. Curious how that affects this prediction. Thanks

Thomas Albertini says:

Awesome video like always. I’d like to ask you why not a more neutral perspective. After the magnitude of the pullback from ATH I’d be surprised if we have already a bullrun. My idea is that we may possibly set a weekly equilibrium forming a symmetrical triangle like this

Idris PendisBey says:


Matt Quaile says:

Wait, so you think it may touch 5200?

ChinoLatino 397 says:

Can you do one for ethereum please 🙂

Dustin Goetz says:

I doubt it will pass through all that volume/resistance.

Robin Wang says:

Hey Sam, interested in buying a membership, was wondering given there is a coupon code option for the site whether you have any for regular viewers?

john connolly says:

Brilliant TA once again you are proving to be one of the best

Roma Invicta says:

bear porn <3

alexandrikov says:

Thanks for the video, it was very helpful!!

Icaardy Shaares says:

I think Gig9 is a sleeping giant. Registered for whitelist already.

Pia De Guzman says:

I love when my charts match the Masters.

emmm70 says:

I think that very soon you will realize that the bearish count is the correct one.
Bitcoin will repeat what it did in 2014, i.e. there will be two death cross.
After the first death cross that will occur in a few days, Bitcoin will enter in the 5 k range.
And after the second death cross, Bitcoin will reach very very very low levels (this level will be determined more exactly after the second cross).

halbu says:

Do you have any statists of how profitable you were when going long/ short? I wonder if the bullish bias affects the results much

RIZN says:

Awesome! This was still easier to count than Neo! Thanks again!

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