Bitcoin Technical Analysis (BTC/USD) : The Big Lowinski..? [12.19.2018]

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Benjamin Mckenzie says:

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AltCoin Investor69 says:

Sam I just pressed Play and I just say thanks dude!

justo salinas says:

maximun level of pain…like a fish out of wáter Will jump i few times and then Will “die” again…522 days to Alpha Centaury 🙂

Jason Clark says:

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Mister Trad says:

Capitulation hasnt arrived, yet…still too much hopium in the air.

Athan Thompson says:

Thanks Sam

islandonlinenews says:

I think it’s hilarious that people are hesitating to buy $4000 bitcoin. Imagine how you will feel when it is $40,000. Now that I think about it, people will probably fomo in at $40,000 lol.

T Walker says:

Thank you Sam ! It is a privilege to watch quality TA from a true professional. Unfortunately youtube is FULL of …… unreliable data. Certainly a diamond in the ruff. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Ted says:

Wife wants to shop for Christmas Lambo. When Moon? There 2 full moons this month. Maybe we will go shopping during 2nd full moon.

bitcoiNSA realzz says:

excellent Sam…..much appreciated

Some Guy says:

A must trade

Gama Gg says:

My primary count has been since the begining of this little run an expanded flat. As you mention, their job is to take the money of fomo traders, and with this correction is a very nice way to do it and not everybody knows how this waves work.

Roy M says:

come on man, just looking at it the symmetry is horrible! : D

Risk Ninja says:

65 broke.

Clément says:

Those videos with the one of Pro Indicator are my models from a year now! I learned a lot, thank you!

Edward Doyle says:

Already paste golden pocket for an 1-2, i-ii-iii-iv–v in progress, to complete the 3 of an impulsive larger degree 1 wave?

Benjamin Weber says:


Mike says:

Sam, can you mention volume profiles in your TA?

Dustinjr1993 says:

Hot take: the B wave of this crash will be back at 20k as an extended b wave and the c wave will be at 2-3k range

JayBigDadyCy says:

“Holy shit look at bitcoin ” hahha. Thanks, Sam 🙂

Some Guy says:

I see a triangle forming. A fractal of the previous one and then down.

bitcoiNSA realzz says:

just a 1,2 of 5th imo
..daily indicators blown out.

Lynx Waves says:

i think this makes the most sense in case this is a expanding flat

mahi mahi 106 says:

The Big Lebowski!

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