Bitcoin Technical Analysis (BTC/USD) Root or Route… [03/16/2018]

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ThinkNaut says:

I like the bear-bull view. It is both. Just a matter of timing.

4v213 v423v423 says:

Hey Sam thanks for your time and TAs.
I see two exchanges one of which is BitStamp being used a lot for TAs what is your reason using specifically BitStamp?
Is it a major exchange?

PM NY says:

Love your methodical and meticulous approach. Can’t believe anyone would thumbs down this.

Roland Rossèl says:

Thank you!

Dennis Lee says:

Sam, if it’s an ending diagonal in C isn’t 3 always shorter than 1, and 5 always shorter than 3? That would give us .618 of w1 for w3, and .382 of w1 for w5. The ending diagonal would subdivide into 3’s and give us a target of roughly 7300. What do you think?

Alvin Koh says:

If it falls into the region of 2000-3000, I will bring in my big guns… joke……after that, I will off my computer screen for one year and enjoy my ride up passively.

S K says:

First time I’ve watched your videos , someone mentioned you in a chartguy video comment . Some really good stuff , Ill have to go back and watch all you videos to build my knowledge .Thank you

T Walker says:

Damn Sam… having a bullish bias the bearish possible outlook looks like a horror movie. I do understand we have to look at all possible Elliott Wave scenarios, but DANG !!! 😉 We have to take what the market gives us… Thank you Sam !!!

steveareno says:

THX Sam…

halbu says:

Sam how do you handle with your bullish bias when trading?

Sz27 Clz75m says:


David Villarreal says:

7:18 Damn BTC down to -1500 is hyper bear

DrSauce says:

Sam: Outstanding work: the best TA I have ever seen. I need to better understand EW tech started years ago but found it very difficult to understand. will take your course in the near future when I retire soon. I almost threw up at about 8:00 in the broadcast 🙂

Pedram Esmaeelzadeh says:

Have you considered the possibility that the run to 11k was a 4th wave and now we are putting in an a-b-c of an ending diagonal 5th?

Samuel Diamante Cruz says:

It is confirmed next target will be $2500 not $1500 so bitcoin can be attractive for new money thru poloniex since goldman sachs just bought it , DONE!

Lynx Going Ham says:

My man…, That fits so well with the bears, if the weekly candle clases below 8200-8300 área qe are just fucked going into 4.5-2.5k ir lower according to hyperwave

steve H says:

@ 7:25 , Your measurement is way off. You have the C running all the way to -1500$ . It can’t go below 0$. Come on man.. All this bearish talk. We haven’t even broken the long term trend line. Which would be around 6600 depending on the exchange.

Joris Vande Velde says:

someone watching bear porn in the background if you listen closely 😀 @ 14:57 :p

Benjamin weber says:

Good stuff.

Amir Benavi says:

you are absolutely amazing.. Can you go over one thing please.. When you did your ABC @ 7:31 mile market.. you show C can possibly land at 1500… but i think you get -1500 (negative). Does that invalidate anything in your opinion.. i am going to keep watching (this is the third time) to make sure it doesnt negate anything you later adjusted.. but just wanted to point it out in case there was an important point to learn from that ABC point. againt THANK YOU!!!!!

JLI Irizarry says:

TRULY EXCELLENT, this TA is at the Top Notch of all I’ve seen! Thank you for the valuable longer time frames you dare to cover.

Atharva Joshi says:

isnt there a rule on log graphs to use fib on elliott wave in larger cycles?

mcamcay says:

I think that we will be trading internal for the rest of the year..all the way down,..then up but lower high,..higher low etc..and we will go up early next year. Cheers!

Borja Iglesias says:

Great jib thanks man

llshamelessll says:

Great job, youre a beast.

jallie illie says:

Great analyses! Yep we are heading for 3200. Sad but true. What is the fed gonna do next week? Much also depends on that decision. Will they raise interest rates? I am still bullish for 2018, but now we need a reality check.

Aaron Ming says:

Thanks for the update! Could you be so kind to explain a little on your fib tool? It’s seems to be different from the one in the standard trading view.

Bobby Smith says:

You know the count! Why do you cater to fish that only want bull! Jeezus. Bulls will get eaten alive here


This can also be the view ->wave till 20,000 was the wave 1, we are in wave 2 currently and then up !!

th tan says:

i think your placements of (A) (B) (C) may have been wrong. (A) should be 8375, (B) at 9890 and now it is making a (C) down to sub 8000 or maybe sub 7000. then we may expect (A) = (C) at 6620, a rather reasonable scenario. Its now doing 5 subwaves within (C)., with iv likely done at 8600

MrHighvolt says:

you had the “C” at -1500$.. yes MINUS.. ?!!

M K says:

Bear porn? lol did I hear this right?

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