Bitcoin Technical Analysis (BTC/USD) Pick a side; accept the risk… [03/09/2018]

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Pax Justica says:

:fistpump: Yesssssss! – Thanks for the time, appreciated!

Philakone says:

awesome stuff

mwm48 says:

Good work Sam. Can you give us a LTC update?

Crypto Kevin says:

A fib fight?Did you just come up with a new term?

FrozenExplosion says:

hi sam…..

Marketable Information says:

Thanks Sam – awesome video! It’s becoming clear to me how critical it is to try and disprove one’s own bias – trade for the best; prepare for the worst. Greetings from the UK 🙂

xpressive says:

Easily the best analyst on yt. At least of who I’ve seen. Very nice.

PANTTERA1959 says:

@4:45 is the an Inverted H&S or Double Top or 1-4 Elliot? Great analyst.Bitcoin is a freaking bipolar nightmare right now,just like my baby sis was. RIP Deb,miss you often.

RIZN says:

You’re the best, thanks says:

XLM work!

Big Wheel says:


Crazy prayingmantis says:

Don’t take this the wrong way but in the end all the Fibonacci and Elliot wave analysis boils down to “it could go up but it could go down, if it goes up it might look like this, and if it goes down it might look like this, but I have no fucking idea what it’s going to do”

Mike Phillips says:

sam the man does it again! thank you!

D Tacherra says:


SlayerX says:

BTC will make you poor!

Doug Nowak says:

Now what ????? BTC now $9330

Justin Sun says:

best analyst in crypto

Parson Atreides says:

You said “candidate” so many times there’s now a video in my recommendations called “The Candidates”

Tary J. says:


SyndiEther DX says:

Hi TradeDevils, may I know why is the sub-division of your Wave C labelled a 3-wave abc? Isn’t Wave C in a zigzag supposed to be a 5-wave impulsive move?

Naomi Sait says:

Always clear concise and professional! thank you

michael says:

fibs over fibs and 10 “if´s”. okay, simple analysis time: btc daily chart bullhammer + close over the 200day ema + highest volume on the bullhammer since 8th feb + fib level kiss on the 0.618 lvl. and now you can guess for yourself what that means. should i try my simple elliot skills ? okay. its a 1,2,3,4,5 from the swing low of 6k to the 2nd top at 11.7k. now we had a a,b,c correction down to the 0.618 fib lvl at 8.3k. new 1,2,3,4,5 starts now and will break the bearish trendline to the upside.

Jaime Calvente Mieres says:

im thinking what we just had is a big ABC correction, 3 waves up for A, 3 waves down for B and the slow choppy 5 waves up in a rising wedge, which most of the 5th and C waves end up doing. So we might be heading down with another 5 waves impulse.

just my thoughts.

Great video guys!

Frédéric Perazzi says:

Thanks again for this Friday Rendez-vous with Bitcoin.
I’ve discovered and I’m “learning” EW because of your clear explanations and Philakone’s.
I’ve to admit that I have a bearish bias on the short-term, and think that we would be in the middle (the beginning of a C) of a much massiv correction (Cycle degree ? Wave 2) heading at least to the 0.786 retracement of a the potential Cycle degree Wave 1 that started 7 years ago.
Altough it means that I’m anyway mega bullish for Bitcoin for the long term, such as over 300k USD.

ewmism says:

6000 is not unreasonable!

dylan technoGeek says:

Thanks for your video, now show us your boobs lol 🙂

jamk916 says:

Its not fear dude MTgox sold millions

Daniel Courter says:

Please make the bleeding stop!

th tan says:

Abc doesn’t have to touch 618 exactly. But it has fulfilled the correction near 618

michael milligan says:

Excellent analysis. The numerous perspectives are much needed at this stage. Many thanks!

M K says:

Thank you!

4444 1313 says:

Or someone just dumps another 8k BTC

Sz27 Clz75m says:

Sam, check GoldBug’s comparison to gold on TradingView – gold graph over the past few years is ALMOST IDENTICAL to BTC over the past few months.

Coinhead Zero says:

you mention algos a lot, for instance buying around the .618. why would algos be so predictable? thanks

John Gold says:

could you look at Nano?

CloverPickingHarp says:

Almost damn near to the tick… love it

Giwrgos Dimas says:

Sam, i personally have this as a WXY instead of your ABC. Your small ab on the last leg down, can be an irregular one, followed by 1-2-3 and now we are on the 4th.

MrRandomg23 says:

Man, what a video and explanation. Simply amazing

R Bizzle says:

Thanks Sam, I prefer to be a bear in a bear market.

Pause AndListen says:

Do the same rules apply using EW when something abnormal happens in the market as in a dump of a large volume at once? Cuz that’s what triggered this drastic sell off and is the same seller who also dumped 6,000 BTC on 12/22 8K on 1/17, 6,000 on 01/31, and 18,000 BTC on 02/05/18. And every time the market tanked. And reports are saying he still has yet to sell 166,000 BTC. I’m sure you’ve heard the news but can we still receive any degree of successful charting when things like this happen?

Aaron says:

Great TA…as usual

Stevan Terzic says:

Have you watched the news? Its the whale…no TA needed…Mt.Gox again.

M K says:

You talk about fear/greed. None of it exists really. You don’t have humans trading, you have predatory bots trading that take advantage of time zones, have no emotions and ride up the price the second you enter a trade competing with you, other bots and rigging the system. So much pumping-n-dumping is going on between the bots so that up and down is rigged not by real human emotion. How does a manual trader even have a chance. Things have gotten out of control including on Coinbase and we analyze and discuss these trending patterns as if real emotion is at play. I’m bullish on BTC but the wild west is ridiculous. No sustainability.

grizzly6161 says:

your bearish count is really nice dude, well done!

karim compadre says:

Thank you for the video. I was all day waiting for you. Philakone recommended to fallow you and in my eyes. You 2 are the best analist.

MyMd1111 says:

Really a pleasure to watch your TA

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