Bitcoin Technical Analysis (BTC/USD) Got a trade plan..? [04/17/2018]

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Thermorox says:

Wow Sam !! Thank you for that great learning opportunity about stop losses.. You are so right! I have been kicking myself because I keep having to exercise my stops and seem to be constantly making small loss calls, not winners. My training has been tuff!! However, I am thrilled to hear what you had to say today, maybe the current bear market was the exact right place for me to have my learning to learn good stop loss habits. Hopefully some time soon I wont get stopped so many times as the bear becomes a bull! Fingers crossed and stop losses in place! Thanks again – love your content!

Artemus Huhn says:

Thank you so much for your perspective, I learned about more tools to use in trading view and the risk reward ideas are wonderful!

John Blatner says:

HI Sam. I sure enjoy your analyst videos. I am amazed watching and listening. Thank you . I truly appreciate your videos. I am really new to the crypto world. started watching around December 2017. Thanks again.

emmm70 says:

Bitcoin has just ended the (4) wave and it is now beginning the (5) wave.
The last spike is only the C part of an A-B-C correction in the current downtrend of Bitcoin, and the triangle was the B part.
The C part has already been completed, so, Bitcoin will GO DOWN and NOT UP.
Expect a bitcoin into the 5 k range very soon.

Jay Hoonster says:

loved yoru stoploss reasoning / explanation. We all can relate!

Synco says:

“oh well im a longer term holder” hahhahahaha

Crypto BitZ says:

Good advice bro thanks for the time and effort you put into these videos, they help me allot

megamanxu says:

I’ve dumb them all! – TradeDevil 2018

Pia De Guzman says:

Sam wouldn’t you say since the larger wave 2 retraced a lot that the larger wave 4 would retrace say to the .386 not so much the 50?

Kernobee says:

Thanks Sam, for the risk/reward lessons 🙂

Fuck Google+ says:

wow so bullish hmmmcn;EQq

RealJayJobes says:


EDIT: fucking genius.

Giwrgos Dimas says:

Great advice in the end Sam. Trading is not about being right. If you are wrong you take the small loss and re-evaluate. Eventually small loses wont matter when you are gonna be right for good.

crazycrack305 says:

nice video nailed it

CryptOmelet says:

Thanks again Sam.
Despite your well-known bullish bias (I’m long-term as well), would you accept to adress a bearish case in your next Bitcoin Fridays, in order to show a potential continuation of the correction.
I’m getting signals that the downtrend would not be finished yet and I’m still laying on a WXY(XZ) pattern correction to go until some resistances are broken with huge-like-year-2015 volume

Yo Da says:

I’m really trying to get to your level…I’ve only done about half the necessary mistakes to be a professional trader.

Joeal Manimtim says:

Great advice on being wrong. Such a hard lesson to learn!

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