Bitcoin Technical Analysis (BTC/USD): Building the Case for the Low [02/09/2018]

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Vfor Vanish says:

TD, would you mind doing sometime Elliot Waves for dummies or something like that?
I like your videos but sometimes i get lost in your TA.

Financial Freedom says:


Enigma b says:

You got a twitter handle?

Tugay K says:

Bitcoin will go down to 6k

Veracity says:

So what is your downside target on btc?

earlyreefer says:

need a more beginner trader version of this please. Most of this was above my head. You have any tutorials/classes for noobs like me?

Dylan Ward says:

Why do you chose the EMA levels you use? Love the videos by the way.

allan jameson says:

Very impressive TA. Thank you very much!

Pax Justica says:

I love your Fibs, no fibs. Subbed!!!

Vaztak says:

Great video thanks!

Francesco Lisandro says:

is another rule that also the 4 should not be under the 1?

Tahir Naeem says:

Hi, I just wanted to ask, in the section where you go to 15mins.. the elliot wave count is not right, for eg.. wave 4 must not overlap wave 1 and yours does ?

Mark Eskey says:

Can anyone explain the significance of the 0.65 level? Never heard of anyone using that before.

Brian Griffith says:

Very nice analysis. The details are in the big picture, not in the 5 min charts.

Kev Smith says:

Awesome intro and solid analysis = subscribed and thank you Sir, keep it up!

Grete says:

Do you have a twitter?

luke 9:23 says:

This name is unfortunate. Like crypto Adolf. You should consider changing it. Increase your numbers. Lmk when you do. ✌️

eli miller says:

what is that rh-dbh vo? How do I get that extended trail you have on your chart? looks similar to a BB but its not?

Sohaib Iqbal says:

i want to join do u accept crypto ???
please make an option for getting in using ltc transaction or other cryptos… i wna learn ta and u r best in youtube…
i have no bank account… everything in crypto

steverxer says:

wow, sounds so scientific and interesting … but what a bunch of crap.

tripvader says:

Here because of Phil

T N says:

oool new intro Sam, thanks again for your TA. Happy Friday.

Kerry Kalls says:

I appreciate your analysis. Now I have a bit of constructive criticism. I would strongly suggest that you rehearse and or edit your videos in the future. You don’t seem to have any conviction about anything you are saying and the way that you go about providing the analysis provides absolutely no clear-cut path for viewers to follow in the end. You are just all over the place and if I may be an asshole, it is merely just diarrhea of the verbal kind

Gold2Brown says:

Your 5th should be a B and 1 should be lower, down into the 4th (running flat), only now putting in the fifth, retracing the entire thing.

Dale Carman says:

what do you mean when you are saying that is what the “algos” are doing?

Adam Smith says:

Top Notch

FrozenExplosion says:

do you think the market would react if the fibonacci tool was not invented?

patrick Pointcom says:

that 15 minutes EW was really good. I would like to see more of this on your next videos on bitcoin. The quality of your TA are just so good as a consequence I will become a patriot in march 🙂

Ash Vecchio says:

Excellent vid. Doesn’t look good for this market. I can’t wait for the alts to start ignoring btc! Need a decoupling…

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