Bitcoin Rejected! Buy Zones, Psychological Mistakes Traders Make, PetroDollar, Traveling – Ep149

The resistance proved too much for Bitcoin as we watch it pull back to the previous level. Today we’re talking about where to buy back in, psychological mistakes traders make in times like this, vetting information you find online and the PetroDollar ICO situation.


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Stock wheelbase films says:

My man!! I love the channel !

lakeside says:

YOLO bids hahaha i love it

ANNAKKi Hz says:

My brothers girlfriends uncles mate, that he went to school with back in 1972, told him via text to a mate of his and then posted via social media to the uncle, that a government official has said.. ah shit I forgot. Well the point is.. whatever it was, must of been the truth.

John Loppnow says:

Skin in the Game = Yes!
I love Nassim. Thank you for sharing.
I do not listen to people who do not have some skin in the game.

Sandy Werner says:

Clearly explained B itcoin charting – many thanks, keep up the good work.

tharvey311 says:

looks like a rising wedge that broke to downside

Frank Lee says:

So you really think it will go back to 8800 (or below)? Man, I hope so.

AK says:

First time viewer…enjoyed the show. Understandable content for the new to crypto. Will look forward to the next broadcast.

Curtis Hotaling says:

I’m getting interested in TA myself after listening to these videos! Keep it up – really interesting stuff!

Meryl Carter says:

Hello from Australia, Perth. You are very good at this. Congrats.

Ten Tron says:

FYI…I pounded the smash button.

Vapor S. Thompson says:

So much bass in Carter’s voice I gotta turn off my sub to listen.

Zoom Vu says:

FUD promoter

Seth Garrett says:

this is my obligatory review, anywhoo, i absolutely love your channel dude. you totally convey a message better than anyone else. keep on rockin’ in the free world!!!

Allen Christian says:

As someone who travels regularly overseas, this customs rumor is untrue or the very least exaggerated! It doesn’t make any sense because if it’s true, you’ll have to declare all your monetary assets, such as money in bank when you carry debit cards, credit cards. How about if you wear expensive jewelry or expensive watch? Do you have to declare them? Some people simply love to be drama kings and queens!

Hector Lugo says:

Your part of my daily diet of crypto info.

CryptoGuru says:


Crypto John says:

Useful podcast. Thanks

Derrick Paulsen says:

your videos are always so good. dont stop

PESBUL says:

Dude 🙂 I found you too late… I lost a lot of money last day 😀 then I saw your prediction video… all what you say was spot on and right, that why I’m here today!

Paul John Longua says:

The one pattern that I’ve noticed, that goes against your high volume Theory, is a lot of the crazy price changes have been at around 5 in the morning Eastern Standard Time with very low volume. Can you explain?

jason bird says:

Love the CM videos! Honest commentary and opinion, give it to me straight CT! Thx!

Ivan Georgiev says:

I would like to hear a trading plan and daily/weekly trend analysis. Not simply drawing a fib retracement and a support level

Grim Fandango says:


scottledog says:

CNY was last week, people are getting back to business this week.

marksb82 says:

I have never once seen Jeremy Gardner tweet something that isn’t self-serving preaching, or now in this case, the spreading of inaccurate and unnecessary FUD

Philander Supermarkert says:

I am gonna say it: I am in big loss guys. Even though I bought in 5000€
Good for tax season I guess 😉

Gand-Alf says:

sold another 10k worth last night..glad I did

Scott Taylor says:

Awesome vid. Going to be looking around $9000 for entry.

Tony Tac Knife says:

You’ve help me out loads. Still not making monster profits but a care package would help me loads.

Carlos M. says:

came here recommended by Ivan on Tech

CryptoBoss says:

Great info as always!

HuangXingQing says:

Sensei Thomas!  I stop ALL trading when your podcast is in my Inbox.  THAT’s how vital you are to the cryptosphere.

FromLeSoul says:

If people ain’t buying XLM right now oooooh man, I feel bad for you. Great video Señor!

Brother X says:

Everything is just going down wtf

Christopher Belling says:

You’re one of my best virtual friends, in this lonely world..

essextreme180 says:

Please move the microphone a little further away from your mouth

Derek Fitzgerald-Poe says:

I really appreciate your videos Carter! I don’t know anything about Technical analysis who do you recommend I check out to learn from? Can you do a video on an intro into Trading View and how to set up the charts and navigate the tools?

Philly Morris says:

best crypto channel, never negative and gives solid advice even in a bear, rather than dooom dooom dooom as others do

Pierre Raymond says:

Can you provide more data on OPEN Platform. They have experienced immense Telegram activity in the past weeks.

MrHarrilasagna says:

Thanks Carter

peter mogyoros says:

I really enjoy your style. Especially that you are keeping it rational and don’t engage with conspiracy thinking. Your tips are always useful and thought provoking. Keep up the good work!

Mike Reed says:

Great show.. Been into it for a couple months now. Listening daily. It is still my opinion, however, that literally no one knows what’s going to happen in crypto. No one. All these price prediction videos, and “to the moon” youtubers are a waste of time to watch. Carter is the only one I’m interested in so far.

C45 ABJ says:

Good analysis. What chart software are you using?

Christopher Bajor says:

Another fantastic video! I appreciate the quick mouse size adjustments you do when it’s hovering over a crucial section of information in the material you are covering.

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