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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 9/15/2017

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Altair says:

Thank god i dont have any heart condition.

IDGAF says:

Oh god this is such BS. Just buy, Bitcoin is going to be at $1M before you know it.

Tom stevens says:

No!! what will i do? Ive got people thinking i am going to have the current coffe cup info !!! i guess i could just make stuff up! yeah, they wont know any better!!! now about that chart analysis stuff you kinda dabble in. if you had no idea about coffe cups do you know about reading charts? …… lol. Rock On coffee man!!! lets check out a coffee chart now!!!!

Wishfulthinking Mom says:

You scared the hell out of me when you said about your secret and that it would be your last video. Don’t do that again please!

Jaun-Pierre Reyneke says:

What happened to “do good things”?

Sonix711 says:

Damn – that was funny – I was actually concerned for you for a moment, but that was FAF !!! 🙂 quality 🙂 cheers !!! 🙂

Cutie4Blockchain says:

Great video!! Please keep them coming!! You are soooo helpful!!!! 🙂

CURRENCY365 says:

lmaaaaooooooo the beginning

Ionescu Cristian says:

Thanks! Did you get an espresso mug for the new table?

erock 1 says:

Lol that’s great

Stephen Gilbreath says:


James B says:

lol you scared the $h!t otta me

Aaron Nord says:

You failed us Dan. I thought you knew stuff about things

f f says:

EOS transferred 100K ETH to Bitfinex yesterday. Will cc it to you on Twitter.

Jeannot Tempels says:

Looks like we all misunderstood the article and were not informed enough to understand that this WAS NOT AN OFFICIAL MEETING. May 7th is when the WORKING GROUP get together to delegate on this subject. This in NOT A PUBLIC matter and we will NOT find out about there results for weeks.

Nocturne says:

Hilarious! You had me slack-jawed there for a second. Scared me 😀

f f says:

LOL – you got me 🙂

Matt Holden says:

nice-like the slower delivery and dry humour. your day trading has helped me understand the market a bit more but its so hard so the swing trade focus is really appreciated – keep up the good work

Mo Mulla says:

Hey Dan, I’ve got a free trading view account, how do i get my candles to look wider like yours? it make TA much easier and more obvious when looking for trends…

Scorpion Investor says:

hahaha, please don’t hang yourself man, Jesus loves you anyway

MyTH says:

What the actual heart? Dan you scared the poop out of me!

Daniel Montoya says:

love these vids! appreciate what you do here to the max keep it up man! Im just starting to learn how to trade and im about to buy your crypto course. how long did it take for you to become consistent and profitable? what should i expect in my first year?

Tolga says:

Thank you for the analysis. By the way, you scared me in the beginning…

LonelyBookaneer says:

wanted to tell you a couple of videos ago but, these videos are so much better with your face on it 😉

Yan Lake says:

SOLUTION TO THE CLICKING SOUND: 4:47, the clicking sound appears to be made at the exact same time you clicked / hovered. #1 If you clicked then it’s potentially a mouse problem causing some weird shit. If you didn’t click #2 Windows is bugging out or is fragmented / corrupted, maybe try to defragment and if no success re-install? If none of that works then #3 CPU problem – Make sure your computer isn’t overclocked, can cause instability, CPU should be fine otherwise i would assume.

That’s my 2 cents, hope it helps

Carla V V says:

*please please don’t stop doing the daily videos, pleeeeesa*
REPETITION is how I learn. There’s times that I watched the same videos 2 or 3 times.
I watched your Saturday video 3 times. “If we loose 1hr higher low, 4hr consolidation is coming. If we loose 4hr higher low, daily consolidation is coming. If we loose daily higher low, weekly consolidation is coming”
I watched Sunday video twice once live and later again “(iota weekly) when we breacked a lower high pattern anticipate to form a higher low on a consolidation”
You see, I’m actually learning. *We need daily videos*

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