Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Analysis Chart 5/31/2018 by

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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 9/15/2017

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Katieli Teu says:

Thx Dan!

Martin Lazarov says:

Its clear you make your decisions based on price action. Will you add some indicators as VWAP, bollinger bands to your analysis to see how you read into these. Or you dont look at them in crypto?

mike s says:

is tradedevils voice in the intro also?

Adam Minic says:

I really dig your approach and philosophy towards life. May I ask you something? What amount if capital do you feel is appropriate to designate to get rolling in day trading? Start small??

Willem Van Riet says:

I tried top fishing buy orders before the start of recent run and a bot shot a wick up to trigger it!

Valeriia Kovtun says:

Hey guys, it is time to set up the rods and catch a profit! The public Telegram – ICO started I am sure that tokens holders will be able to make at least 100X-es!

Born Slippy says:

Love your “keep doing good things out there” approach . Makes me smile every time you say it, and one of the reasons I kept watching your content. My approach has been ” karma is a bitch” but it keeps proving me wrong , as soon as I maintain a humble and honest attitude, good things keeps coming back at me! Glad I found this channel . Learning heaps and slowly earning back what I lost from over -trading with none existing market knowledge last year . Peace 🙂

Torben Wrang Laursen says:

Thank you so very much for your daily update. You literally Learn Me Everything I know about technical analysis. I couldn’t help noticing that you always say you don’t have the opportunity to short Bitcoin on gdex. May I ask what is holding you back from shorting Bitcoin on bitfinex if you were to do that?

Iaindorr says:


Jeannot Tempels says:

Hi Dan. Grat thanks for your videos. Good work !!! Can you tell me witch 2 EMA’s you look on the chart?

Zee says:

Hey Dan

Ryan Kirk says:

Your alert system is useful.

Zee says:

Thanks for all that you do. It’s really helpful man

Ronald Coe, Jr. says:

Dan, wanted you to know that as a result of the motivation brought by your videos I followed (and marked up) an ETH chart today. I was more comfortable that I have ever been looking at charts! Really excited about the newfound knowledge. Looking at the trend kept me from selling a position too soon. Looking at the trend in combination with the RSI I can see there is more upside, so I’m keeping the asset for a while longer.

Thank you, again!

Philson says:

Watching for the 6th!

Whatever it Takes Fabrication & Restoration says:

Are USD coins killing BTC??

Pablo says:

thanks Dan!

robizzlor says:

It’s a bull trap. Still waiting for daily oversold to jump in.

Dwayne Beagley says:

I used the alert system for two months and found it created useless unnecessary noise, I’ve found it far easier to trade without those constant false inside bar breaks showing up on my phone..

Ace G says:

Can you take a look at ETHUSDSHORTS next analysis? Thank you!

Kyle Van says:

if this trends sideways until june 6th and then breaks out i’m going to LOL

Randy says:

Thanks Dan

supernova1976 says:

I am a firm believer in giving and most of the times you get back the same or multiple times of what you gave. in some religions it is called purification money 🙂 . you have a wonderful karma my friend.


Yatırım yapmadan gelin beraber kazanalım

Adam Shlomi says:

Probably the only youtube channel where I like the video before I click play

skilledbadhabit 1 says:

I think litecoin is in a group to it’s own, no false hope or as much. I’d rather get a run up and make it count rather then that false hope. I say if you wanna know when the run is gonna be real pay attention to what litecoin is doing. Notice the movement of litecoin.

David Robinson says:

Thanks again!!!!

Blake Adams says:

Thank you! I made another power trade. ETH

Geeza 1589 says:

Respect for helping out a friend and thanks for the update

Jose Falconett says:

Fuckin Dannnnnnnnnnnnn

mrsticker2 says:

Thanks as always!

Chad Stolarick says:


David Kim says:

I like the new intro Dan. Hope you are doing well!

Mikki says:

I like that you included Tone Vays in the intro, subtle that one!

In Mexico says:

You are such a cool guy. Thank you for doing good things for me. I really appreciate it.

Ken Ma says:

I think “star trek”, ie. money-less society, is totally possible. but for now I’m with you on using the Karma money

Cutie4Blockchain says:

Thank you for the update Dan!! 🙂

Tom stevens says:

Thanks for the update Dan. I started around a month ago watching your videos. I had put $30 and a friend lent me $20 so I had $50 on my Robinhood account. I’ve been catching trades when I see them . I’ve taken loss. Now I have almost $100 after paying the 20 back to my friend. I’ve got tons more to learn but I some good lessons in that time . I am giving You all the credit! You are always relaxed and have great chill energy. And it just shows that you enjoy what your doing . Thanks again man!You Rock Dan! Keep doing good things!

Zencryptotrader says:

Much appreciated Dan!!

Winston Smith says:

You’re a good friend. Too bad I left Florida. I’d bring you a fruit basket

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