Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Analysis Chart 5/24/2018 by

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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 9/15/2017

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PM NY says:

Is it duck season or rabbit season? Let’s ask Elmer FUD!

bang your head says:

Thanks for putting a video out at such a key time. It’s quite odd and stressful to be watching charts alone all the time with no sanity test. For the most part I understand your methodology, but I just suck at executing on it.

A key level I have been watching is the 50 SMA on the weekly. That’s where BTC and LTC bounced a month ago. They haven’t been below that since October 2015, so that’s where I put my orders. Working out so far except I didn’t add for any price improvement:/

Jesse Kent says:

I got the same exact impression, the news appears to be almost always orchestrated to fit certain market objectives.

Artem Gordon says:

exactly! As a newbie trader I have been waiting for trades for a while now simply because I don’t feel comfortable with the manipulation here and there breaking me out of my comfort zone

TheVeka says:

New intro is great

Stephen Gilbreath says:

What does the divergence between price and RSI typically indicate according to those who do see significance in it?

Mark W says:

FUD can’t stop MOA tokens.

Noetic333 says:

It amazes me at how people can keep getting kicked in the balls over and over again by the state and still keep coming back for more. If the states regulation of financial markets worked so well then every single market besides BTC wouldn’t be so massively manipulated. The only thing that kept crypto less affected is the fact that it was invisible to the major players. Now that it’s on everyone’s radar there will absolutely be more manipulation especially since the derivatives are flooding in. Increased liquidity will not help as the increased liquidity will be relatively the same percentage of cabal players creating much of that extra liquidity which will be tainted money. The only way I can see to attempt to keep a decent level of market hygiene would be to have redundant competing private companies that can audit the markets and individual companies prolly listing them on a special listing service so everyone knows which companies are definitely real. They each need to be audited as well for corruption so we know companies aren’t paying them for their clean bill of health. The competing aspects will keep them all checking each other as well always liking to point out shortcomings or corruption in their competition. Any larger scale illegalities can be blasted all over independent media and our own blockchain based immutable uncensorable live feed and archive that can be checked against by everyone before investing in any project and I’m sure some new rating sites will pop up as well to correlate that information. Might seem like slot now but a true free market should evolve itself through spontateous order and emerging new reporting and investigative techs should facilitate, expand and smooth out any vacuums and bottlenecks. As long as the intent and the initial financing of these enterprises can be started I’m sure they can find transparent ethical ways of generating revenue and evolving with the markets. Just a thought

Craig Collins says:

Addicted to this

david r says:

priceless as always thank you!!

Henrik Näsmark says:

Thanks for your knowledge. So, “Mr. Lucid dreaming”. Does it stop there, or are you also interested in lucidity in the waking dream? Aka enlightenment.

PBOGZ says:

Ty again Dan. So when you scalp in for a bounce.. Do you tend to use stop loses on the 5 min TF or the 15 minute TF once you get the first trend change on a low Time Frame?

CrobatF says:

That’s right. Nothing we can do about people who dump while uneducated.

Boiling Point Mechanical says:

wonder what they find. we all know there’s insane manipulation, just a matter if they do anything about it.

Marian Reyes says:

But lack the basic knowledge?
Inbox me or
Add me up
For More information. +1 857-325-5165

Tim Martin says:

Yes! Repetition is good! I too am starting to get it now. My last 2 swing trades netted me +30 % based on your charting style.
Ive managed to sell the top and buy back in at near bottom twice, thus accumulating more coins/tokens without using any more capital. Its fantastic!
Dont be affraid to repeat yourself. Its working! And thank you!

James Winsoar says:

Great time to get discounted bitcoin!

Armen Movsesyan says:

Great intro. Short and sweet. Would be absolutely perfect if shortened to 10-12 seconds IMO. My apologies if you weren’t looking for advice lol…anyways, insightful analysis as always.

dave jones says:

Love your videos. Your teachings are the best around. Thank you!!!

عبقرى الانترنت says: Participates in 2018 Consensus Conference

99FunnyVideos says:

They need a limit on exchanges so people can’t dump 500 btc at one go for example

Josh Bare says:

Thanks so much for the knowledge!

Michiel K says:

LTC/BTC chart looking interesting!! I think. falling wedge? ish … anyone any thoughts on if LTC is about to retake a stronger bull position like it did a few months ago?

DeadlyEsquire says:

The criminal probe was reported by Bloomberg *months* ago. For some reason they re-posted the story today, probably to drive clicks due to the market correction. This is not news.

Robin Clerici says:

morning for the EU

K Marquez says:

Hi dan!
*Are you coming to san Francisco any time soon?*
*will be my pleasure to give you a ride anywhere you go*

Adrian Gian says:

Excellent piece of comment. Keep it up, Tks

mwm48 says:

Does a bear dump in the woods?

Zencryptotrader says:

Loving the new intro, keep it up Dan the man!

Philson says:

This timing is good for me!

Finding Foreverness says:

cheers man, enjoy yosemite

NichoTBE says:

I’ve seen you talk about manipulation in regular stock market trade videos, and they were in regulated markets, how will this stop manipulation in crypto?

mightyachilles1 says:

Once again nice work man.

Crypto Gardener says:

When you take profit, do you market sell?

Randy says:

Thanks Dan

Michael G. says:

Anybody else find it ironic that an article discussing removing manipulation from the market was used to manipulate the market?

Jason Kellogg says:

yes it is bullish news for ppl like us but not bullish for the whales haha so they dump it.

aceman0920 says:


Clayton Christian says:

The timing was so obvious

Benjamin Fallah says:

Hey brother, I watch every second of your videos. But would love to know if you could do a video on how to put your trends depending on what your interpret on the charts? Thanks buddy hope you have a wonderful time at the event.

andy patch says:

Would oh so agree that this is actually long term bullish news, the false trading nonsense has to stop to give crypto the chance it deserves in the real world. Thanks for yet another informative and analysis packed video Dan.

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