Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Analysis Chart 5/22/2018 by

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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 9/15/2017

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coddudeful says:

Great analysis as always. Got filled today with btc at 8220 stoploss at 8150, but it triggered :(. Still think it was a good play tho. Plus i got my book today, technical analysis of the financial markets, so lots of study material. Btw the suit looks good. Keep up the good work, we are thankfull!

evan matthews says:

Thank you for these videos!

4444 1313 says:

I made the $7800-7900 prediction on my own for the first time after watching tons of chart guys and bitraged. I made prediction on May 11th and I heavily documented my thinking and have screenshots. I marked the day and everything, I will be absolutely ecstatic if I make this call, been trying to get one right for months.

MrRandomg23 says:

Thank you Dan for taking time out from busy schedule and making this video

Geo G says:

All you crypto idiots are broke lol

Steven Compton says:

Thanks for all you are doing. Your crypto alerts have been very helpful and are some of the best money I’ve spent! Thank you for taking a teaching approach with your videos as well, very very helpful! I am learning to trade less emotionally and look at the different time frames, thank you, keep up the great work! Thank you also for reframing this as a learning gift from the market

Helder Carvalho says:

Thanks Dan, have a great event keep us posted!

Gary Shelton says:

Thanks. Always enjoy your videos. There are opportunities everyday to make a positive difference in someone’s life.

Johanna Farias says:

Thanks for the update.. 4:47.. fantastic smile 🙂

Liam J says:

At first your info came too quick for my new ears, after listening to you over and over it’s starting to sink in. Great objective analysis amongst a lot of crap out there.

bigmac375 says:

ATL crypto meetup?

Unknown Now says:

Dan, you look great in the suit 🙂

MidlifeCrises says:

Thanks for the great information as always. Putting together watch lists and creating chart layouts on Tradingview while the market corrects…or does whatever it’s doing. Awesome you made the drivers day. Your a good man.

marloesje says:

I’m sure you sometimes feel like not doing these videos, but really, thank you for making these and providing everybody with excellent and consistent information. Just wanted to say a little something to keep your spirits up 🙂

Ash Jones says:

Sharp Dan, very sharp… Just like your analysis!

Jim Stone says:

Thank you for the perspective

Jane O'Halloran says:

Looking good Dan !! Thanks for making time to do this update, enjoy !

Oliver Torres says:

Thanks Dan for the on the road update. Enjoy the moment and stay safe.

Yoms says:

May I ask one of the most puzzling question in TA for me? If yes, it’s on this TradingView image:
1) If I wait for volume to pick up or for a 1h candle close for confirmation, then I’m late in the game and have poor RR
2) If I jump in as soon as price breaks horizontal level, I’m risking the fakeout

Me: ¯_(ツ)_/¯ (clueless)


andy patch says:

I am in the ‘beginning stages,’ and you’re right Dan this is a ‘gift’ opportunity to learn without feeling any FOMO. And BTW; liking the suited look.

Randy says:

Thanks Dan..Nice suit

Sonix711 says:

!!! Dan – Legend !!! 🙂

Oh The Future says:


Shazu Khan says:

You always came across very humble and it’s great to hear your story at the end. Its all about giving. We are so fortunate to be able to do what we do

Cutie4Blockchain says:

Nice Suit! Thanks for the updates!!!!!! 🙂

Blah Blah says:

Thank you! Man, I got caught again in this one. Now the waiting game, lol. I really should have known better! Too many hollow attempts.

Jedd Christensen says:

You are a good man. That driver will remember that.

Anna Mironova says:

The secret of wealth is simple! There is an instruction: buy Telegram – tokens on , and store them till 2020. Your investments will go up by 100 times! This is a very perspective project! Telegram is our future!

Paul Democritou says:

Looking good Dan 🙂

Patrick says:

Lets prepare for 1 day of rest and then big bounce back

Robert Golding says:

Nicest guy in crypto along with Carter.

John Flemming says:


Dean Smith says:


Marcos Oliveira says:

DTRC up for the second consecutive day. Price: $ 0.016 and Suplly Max: 240 million. It is a Crypto design bank similar to Crypterium.

max says:

Btc going to 7k accept it ,this guy always bull! Just because he cant short on other exchanges ! Ride the trend simple no confusion no indicators needed!

Tolga says:

After 35 successful consequent os bounce wins, I think I’m having my first loss (hopefully small). Got too comfortable, and didn’t actively manage my orders enough but a ton to learn from this dump. Thank you for the follow up video Dan!

Jack Sparrow says:

True inspiration Dan! keep it up!

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