Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Analysis Chart 5/19/2018 by

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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 9/15/2017

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Calmly says:

Dear Dan, You are a very pretty man. Thanks for your TA and promoting goodness.

Aaron Nord says:

Thanks m8

Alex Lopez says:

All your hard deserves a million likes!!
Great job keep it up Dan the Chart Man!

gcoffey223 says:

I know you have heard this BUT…. when im doing my TA, I hear your voice in my head… “higher highs, highervlows”

MiningTrades says:

I knew we would breakout I made a video about it yesterday! Long live Bitcoin!

Oliver Torres says:

Thanks Dan. Really enjoyed the last part of the video on your path to success in trading.

Tis'ur"Master'" says:

Smoke weed…..everyday.

TheChartGuys says:

Wow you guys and gals really are smashing the like button… thanks!

Monkey Tron says:

I’ve been buying £50’s worth every day. To stop when the price drops makes no sense does it? Should do the opposite. I think I’ll just carry on.

Daniel Floam says:

thanks for the quality TA , really appreciate the advice at the end!!

Lab_lab says:

GDPE is possible? /watch?v=6X9a3WJTFe4 (only electrolyte plasma)

Adam Snajdr says:

you are awesome, keep up the great work!

da ss says:

Hey Dan, awesome as always. Where do i get one of those awesome tshirts?!?


Very good ! Love from Monaco!

kaha andguladze says:

The situation on today’s market is bad 🙁 My investment portfolio bleeds cash. I bought ICO TELEGRAM- tokens on I think the token price will precisely grow at 5-10 times.

ch00n says:

fan since day one, would give more Likes if possible

Troy Devata says:

Can you also add LTC/BTC in your discussion please? Thanks!

yeeluvspizza says:

Dan, please mention what time zone you are in when you say something like, “I entered a position at around 5am.” Not sure where you reside these days…

Paulo .Alberto says:

The best way to earn and earn Bitcoins is to mine in the cloud at, it yields 20 to 25% per month, and is the best and most reliable, because if you leave in the wallet or make speculation it can lose value, but if you are mining every day you have more Bitcoins and the larger amount of Bitcoins compensates for the possible loss of Bitcoins value, and you invests with the own income of its account, or becomes a snowball, more and more you will have more bitcoins, I have already used it for over 2 years, I started with $ 10usd and today I already have a bag for more than $ 4000 a month, the best thing is that you can buy Bitcoins directly in it with your credit card or bank transfer or even deposit avoiding so you can pay Bitcoins transfer fees, and also in it you can create your wallet and also ask for a prepaid debit card in bitcoins.

Teddy Tong says:

Could you talk a little bit about your learning path during your 4 months of learning?

Devon 307 307 says:

Do you have a combo deal on courses. If I buy the two courses at the same time is a discount applied for buying the two?

Ryan Miller says:

Can you comment on buying oversold positions in a downtrend vs. waiting for a bullish MACD and buying into the uptrend? I always tend to want to play it safe and buy when I know the trend is reversing, and the few times I have tried to buy into oversold conditions, it kept going down. But by waiting you definitely also don’t catch the tops/bottoms. Would love to hear your thoughts on those two mindsets to trading strategy.

Joan McCullough says:

Liked! Like the shirt too!! Great TA

Dan Truitt says:

Four months to learn things, eh? That tells me that temperament and aptitude play a large role, as well as raw talent. I think you have a good personality structure for this sometimes highly stressful field of endeavor, Dan. You’re a sort of no-drama guy almost to the point of boredom. I see how well that helps you. You’re relatively cautious, and come out on the winning end of trades more often than not. Most of us are not gifted with good impulse control as you seem to be. I’ve been learning seriously for maybe 6 months and am still a ways away from having everything click. I’m also a pretty emotional, impulsive personality type, and this to me is my biggest obstacle to success. I’m STILL kicking myself for not cashing out in December- but I didn’t know. Didn’t have to tools to call the top in December, but neither did most other people, if I remember correctly. I’ve been watching your vids since August ’17 and don’t remember you saying you were all cash in late Dec, like you did just before the China fud pullback in early Sept. Maybe you did say that in Dec., and I missed it. I think talent plays a big role as well. Some people just have a knack for picking this stuff up, and others are hopeless. I fall somewhere in the middle. I do know it’s a learnable skill, however. Anyway, really fascinating how all this works. I won’t be where I can be consistently making a living wage for another year, I estimate, so here’s hoping I don’t trade away my nest egg before then:) Thanks for the consistently good guidance.

troy kinsley says:

Dan, what do you think about the TRX weekly candle? Could you do a TA on it in your next video? 🙂 -Sincerely, your biggest fan.

Mitch King says:

I have that same shirt. Sadly it has the bitconnect symbol on it lol.

mrsticker2 says:

I’ll smash your like button any ‘ol time.

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