Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Analysis Chart 5/13/2018 by

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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 9/15/2017

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Russell Dean says:

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john clay says:

Love your attitude and your outlook on life ! Your also teaching me so much about trading! Thank you so much!

Mike Rothe says:

Obviously from Dan the Man Chart guy extraordinaire.

Top VoIP says:

Nice videos and very informative. Any input on bitcoin cash?

That Guy says:

Plz don’t make me fast forward through shitty rapping

Carla V V says:

Dan or someone else. Is *Inside bar* the same as *harami bar?*
Thanks everyone!!

Ubud High says:

Dan, that’s ok for you to say at 30 that being lonely, or alone, is ok. I know myself. I’m 50. Being alone, and lonely, at my age is shit. Enjoy what you have. And to everybody out there who has a heart and a brain: remember to make some children. Don’t think that the world is already over-populated, and so not bother. There are too many idiot-people making idiot kids. If you know you have a brain, and a heart, then go and make some more good brains and hearts. This world needs good people more than ever to counteract the evil, mindless, degenerate sods of earth that lable themselves human beings. The first good thing all Americans of value can do is vote out your cheating and degenerate president. He is an evil stain on all our world, and his reach extends far beyond your self-made borders.

S K says:

Always great content ,always looking forward for your uploads daily .There are so many youtube channels about crypto ,but you are the only one that keeps me coming back for more because you are giving solid techniques that are proven to work . I literally watch your videos twice and take notes and this notebook is GOLDEN . You don’t shill , you are just as honest as it gets . Doing all this for Free for us proves you always do good things and want nothing in return but for us to spread the same message. Wishing you a longgggg and healthy life .

moffett8 says:

Last year during Consensus Bitcoin went up 60% plus . If this happens again we could see $13,000 Bitcoin this week.

jerald c says:

Where do you trade mj stocks? I’ve been told by brokers in the US I can but cashing out in the US would be illegal.

TheChartGuys says:

Bears have a potential top fishing play when hourly higher lows are lost, exit with a higher high, and look to capitalize if it is indeed a daily bear flag. Decent risk to reward setup.

Adam Shlomi says:

For a chart chart guy, you have a great macro perspective on life.
Great channel and work consistently.
I’m a 561 guy if you’re in the area, get some Taco al Carbon

Much appreciated

Mflo786 says:

Dan, those sound like your own lyrics! Lol. Am I right? Thanks for your wonderful TA!!!!

Unknown Now says:

Dan, you’re an amazing young man! We need more like you. If you ever come to SF or the Bay area, you sure will have a place to stay. Appreciate everything you do ! You’re the best out there.

Deborah Haley says:

I raised 6 boys alone. Wrap your mind around that lol.

theLifeof 3.14 says:


Daniel Fryar says:

Ugly Duckling! Respect. Don’t even care if I’m late with that post. Mad love for Andy, Dizzy and Einstein!

Chris R says:

Grrr missing all the free courses haha

monika bulanda says:

This videos are my addiction now!!! Learning and learning.Time to start using this knowledge?

Ian Harper says:

Will you please review Stratis (STRAT) tonight?

Ubud High says:

‘… Since Ethereum hit its bottom…’ I’m sorry, I had to laugh :-). We all hit our bottoms sometime… Good luck, all. Perhaps a good gameplan is not to chase the market anymore. It’s not in our hands anymore. Buy a bit, and leave it. End of my amateur story.

Mary Jane says:

contact me if you want to learn how to make weekly income of 10btc…its free lets connect…pm via

Willem Van Riet says:

Ha ha! UR so good at TA you have to do other things to entertain yourself

Geeza 1589 says:

Love your philosophy man

Dustin Goetz says:

I’m opposite. I am very comfortable alone. Its being around people that seems like work. I’m pushing myself to go out and dance this weekend. I usually watch you on my tv, but since they updated the youtube app on LG, I cant give thumbs up rating. I hope its not like this on other TV youtube apps, Its going to really cut down on the number of ratings.

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