Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Analysis Chart 5/12/2018 by

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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 9/15/2017

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Bri I says:

BCH leading the bounce up this time. Anyone know why?

Aaron Nord says:

I got the climax oversold alert on ETH, then the hourly RSI below 30, a volume breakdown alert and a price shear. Scaled in, stopped out to early, and an hour later my wife told me to look at my computer. Dang. Another lesson learned, but what an awesome system the Chart Guys alert system is. Thanks guys, I’ll get the next bounce

Blah Blah says:

Good show. Wear sunscreen. Thank you!

Bankroll Coin says:

I’m your new subscriber 🙂 Your knowlage is fantastic.

Anis Kochlef says:

BTC and other crypto currencies risk to drop 40% in the next couple of weeks.

Yoms says:

Your videos are really nice. It’s my third and I’ll be a regular follower from now on. It’s really pleasing and informative. And it’s much more… I don’t know… much mor pleasant than the aggressiveness we find on crypto twitter 🙂 Thanks!


I wish I could call my mom. She knows I would do more than that if I could. Love you Ma!

kenneth mairena says:

Hey dan, have you checked out

Two two Steele says:

I think we still go back into 7k

Gravel Pit says:

4:30 in the morning Texas time, thats the most advantageous time to screw the American hodlers muwhohahhahah…. (-Chink traders)

MAK Tizi says:

thanks dude

A Day In The Life Of says:

can someone explain why we aren’t getting anticipation of consensus in the market?

supernova1976 says:

Thanks Brother, you have a nice weekend

Lou Latif says:

Good stuff! Subscribed, unbiased analysis…

Stephen Gilbreath says:

Thank you for the insight!

Brenda Kepler says:

That was wonderful! Your insight and technical analysis is explained brilliantly, I actually understood what you were saying. I appreciate that so much. Thank you! Your mother must be so proud!

1Teaches2Learn says:

DAN! Video yesterday was a revelation! Finally got a trading view account so I could watch RSI. Played a few oversold bounces for small positions to test it out. Was feeling confident enough to place a bigger position late last night. And woke up this morning to see I’d caught this big bounce. Feeling like a GDMF *genius* today, and that’s all thanks to you. THANK YOU

Gabriel Beis says:

dan the man!

Kasper Diemer-harild says:

Can someone tell me what “Equilibrium” pattern is? Or maybe link me a video? Thanks 🙂

yeeluvspizza says:

It was a good one

Chad B says:

Bounce plays from last night: BTC: 5.2% ETH: 7.7% LTC: 9.8% BCH: 19.6% NEO: 15.8%

Erno Muller says:

bought your course today. great info in there. KEEP DOING GOOD THINGS!

Gravel Pit says:

Ill buy when Eth hits $500. Thats what my impression was weeks ago, I never trusted these nonstop hikes. They did catch me holding on one drop off though. I dont trust it after that 1st qtr

Patrick Kieffer says:

Nice. I’m surprised you didnt talk about the falling wedge we were in. We broke out, which caused the bounce. Volume isn’t special. Longs increasing and shorts decreasing as price decreases – sounds like a recipe for more dumps.

Caught a long at 8240 since 12 hr rsi touched oversold and bull div was on the 5 & 15min. 50MA and horizontal support was also at that level. Don’t plan on holding for long.

Ravanger1 says:

good stuff, you sound kinda stoned lol

Blake Adams says:

Thank you for taking the time to do all these video’s. I started trading in the last year. I’ve had tremendous success. I have a network of influencers. Your influence is greatly appreciated. Cheers

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