Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Analysis Chart 4/17/2018 by

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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 9/15/2017

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janelocke says:

Thanks Dan. The most valuable daily update as always

lewiskellye says:

My brain goes to sleep when I hear “higher low and higher high”, but I think I’m slowly starting to get it.

Dj Tyson sherif cnx says:

Regulation = poverty

TOBEYplays says:

Not too hard to predict a consulidation right before hitting MASSIVE resistance levels

Ade Austin says:

I got bullish 2 days ago. Thank god I came to my senses earlier today and picked up some tacos instead.
Waiting now. There’s no rush with all that resistance up there is there?

Tommy G says:

legend Dan, cheers!

Oliver Torres says:

Taco money is always good to have! Thanks Dan!

Donovan Miller says:

Regulation is good because of the fake crypto that is on the exchanges. They can ‘print’ crypto and increase the supply

DEE LEE says:

Nice TA!
one thing though, Volume on Head is too small for pattern confirmation

Michael Harris says:

love the tacos 🙂

skilledbadhabit 1 says:

I don’t think he likes Ltc much lol

Jose Sanchez says:

Can’t wait to receive the products I ordered from MoodyMountain! Thanks for the link!

Jemayel Khawaja says:

love me some palo Santo

President War Pig says:

Your calls have been extremely on point. I look forward to being part of your community.

Deborah Haley says:

Awesomeness, I’m heading over to Moody mountain herbals

Mark Siegel says:

Emperor Wears No Clothes! One of my favorite books in college . . . in 1993 . . . dang I’m old 😉

Roti Wokeman says:

Dude that herbals shop has really good presentation, I can learn from this. Also a lot of folks are going to look back on this video and either kick themselves or pat themselves on the back.

Vention1MGTOW says:

I’m a long term hodler so this dip was good enough for me.

Ольга Резник says:

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Chris Daniels says:

We don’t want stock market gains!!!!!!!
If you want crypto gains of 30-700 percent in one day fight the power!!!!!

No regulations

Why would we want babysitters , cough….sec.. to parole us????


We want crypto to keep delivering how it’s delivering

We do t want the market to halt because our coins have went up 10 percent

Push up that candle!!!!!!

Drop that price!!!!

This is crypto, we like that!!!! @TheChartGuys

Judy Mckee says:

Yes, we need regulations on the exchanges. I am afraid that the exchange go bust or they take my money and say I can get my cryptos in a couple of days and never give to me. Lock us all out that we cannot get access to our cryptos. Not knowing the financial strength of the exchanges.

Charles Patterson says:

“Good guys”@ The ChartGuys! Thank you for seizing the initiative and finding ‘real people’ to commit a portion of your excess energy of production (disposable income)… THAT is far superior to using an indicated NPO or NGO as most (if not ALL) have been corrupted into the very antithesis of their Charter…YOU can make a difference.

TheChartGuys says:

Support Good People!
20% off link for Palo Santo products:
I will match what you friends spend.

Samurai says:

so we going up or down after HS ?

evan matthews says:

Your ability to clearly explain and teach is the best I’ve seen on these subjects. I can’t wait to take your course.

Conor Sullivan says:

you called it

kuzwaruh says:

You’re one of my fav youtubers and TA mentors. Good stuff Dan thank you!

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