Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Analysis Chart 4/16/2018 by

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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 9/15/2017

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John Ferguson says:

I’m still trying to figure out why we even do TA on other coins because they follow BTC.

The Real Deal says:

Thank you dan for the daily update. Was wondering which alert is less important? my phone has been getting too many notification from the alert system. thank you!

Crypto Life Inc says:

spot on as usually. Missed out on the bearish trade for now but will look to establish a position if we see break the 4 hour trend 🙂

Mr. Head says:

Hi friend, thanks for the video! If you could possibly add BCH to your analysis every once in a while (like you used to do some months back?) that would be awesome. If not, thanks anyway, have a nice evening:)

Ben Androvich says:

I look forward to your Crypto Videos every day. Thank you for your awesome analysis and for being a cool guy! Keep it up! I’m definitely looking into your courses, if they’re as good as your videos, I will learn a TON! Thanks again.

Michael H says:

Always great content, thanks for sharing your knowledge!

Kristofer Carrison says:

Thanks again!

Winston Smith says:

What about the 4hr Adam and Eve double bottom formation? According to this, we should be seeing a breakout very soon.

1ddenis1 says:

Keep doing what u doing, great learning experience, thank you

Ade Austin says:

Bull chance exists however unlikely. Happy to loose £500 on my stops. Still in. Still bullish for now.
9k could happen no?
Longer trade than I usually do.

Dustin Goetz says:

Thanks for everything. I really like your good nature.

Crypto Gardener says:

When bulls see a red flag, don’t they charge towards it? LOL!

kalashseriesfull says:

alpha brain joe rogan here

Nick Hill says:

You lost me at husband. Lol

John Feeley says:

Do you have any opinion why Litecoin is doing so much worse than ETH or BTC, respectively? The last 2 days have been relatively disappointing

eric bell says:

Do you look at Bitcoin kill zones ? That first red candle was the Asian open

Helen Daly says:

Looking forward to this today, I am working my way through your entries and exists course, so it’s really helpful to have the videos to compliment the courses and give real life examples. Keep em coming!

Martin Walls says:

I’m very grateful for what you guys are doing. I’ve been self-studying for 7 months now and am extremely fortunate to have the time to invest into learning TA while TCG is a big part of my learning. I’ve committed to learn trading until I take my last breath and hopefully I can pass it on like you guys are. Thanks again amigos

Chris Simms says:

Had our lawn/pest control guy out yesterday who has been our technician with the same company for 3 years now. Have never spoken to his company regarding how great of a job he does and thought of The Chart Guys and doing something good today. Called and left a message with company owner acknowledging such a good employee they have. Thanks for the constant reminders to do something good today

Matt Holden says:

3 months of this and it’s coming together – even though I tweeted that I thought we had a bear flag today but that even though that did not play out think I may be getting it – outstanding Dan

Лилия Самойлова says:

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Peter Mamakos says:

can someone explain to me who bulls and bears are ? i know bulls mean going up and bears down, but i don’t understand exactly “who” bulls and bears are, what do they stand for?

Randy says:

Thanks Dan

Lucas says:

Whats the benefit for bears holding a position while the price is dropping?

Flavius Tech says:

srsly 1 min intro adv?

Flisker says:

How do I snap lines perfectly to the candlewicks, is there some shortcut for that ? Holding shift + click or something like that ?

Levi says:

Trading GNT and ADA for the past week has been amazing.

Dennis says:

I need a 7600 BTC

Sanjay Ojha says:

Thank you Dan
I have request.. You should change the third altcoin on daily basis.. Keep BTC and ETH same but if possible SWAP LTC with more popular coins on daily basis.. Example, NEO, XRP, EOS, ADA, XLM etc..
If not daily change it for 3 to 4 days in a week

Steve Nicholson says:

Goats moving with you?

MrPablianos says:

man, this is the first video I watch for you. and I’m hooked. you are great and right to the point and cover all time frame.

Joe Anania says:

Have you heard of Cloud Coin It is suppose to be a patented perfect coin. Cannot be lost.

Oliver Torres says:

Thank you Dan! Safe travels

ronP __ says:

What happened to maybe moving to Puerto Rico?

ThePielad says:

Thanks man, great stuff.

Brandon Stone says:

And today Ltc currently beasting.

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