Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Analysis Chart 4/14/2018 by

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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 9/15/2017

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Sanjay Ojha says:

Thank you Dan..
Do you use Fib tools?

Energy Core says:

That squirrel is a girl dan :PP

So I really hope the big cryptos become stable at some point, for one because that’s going to allow the networks to actually work as worldwide payment systems, and for two because that will mean that as a trader, you’ll be able to trade BTC or ETH pairs like ADABTC / EOSETH etc, with the confidence that your gains in the crypto are going to translate into fiat gains because the big coin isn’t moving much. Essentially what we’re already seeing in the works is an alternative to stock offerings for companies and their funding, but in a decentralized 24/7 exchange that will hopefully be well regulated sooner, rather than later.

John Flemming says:

Good things out = Good things in. Youdamandan.

– my gf and I went for a burger at a restaurant for burger month, where every local establishment makes a different kind of delicious meat sandwich. The waitress messed up my gf’s order…. BUT at the end of the meal she apologized, gave us a 3.50 discount, which landed her a 6.50.tip on a 23 dollar bill. Everyone makes mistakes and she certainly went out of her way to make it up to us. Cheers my boy!

Mario Lucian Andreano says:

I rarely comment on Crypto videos but this one I enjoyed more than usual and it’s really good to step back once in a while to see the larger picture. Thanks!

Nabil Amrani says:

Amazing video as usual. And the crypto alert system is a must for any crypto trader. Thank you for everything & keep up doing all the good things you do!

Mariusz Kula says:

Thanks Dan. As always, a very informative video. As far as ‘Doing good things’ goes, your public analysis goes a long way in guiding all of us in the study of Technical Analysis. Much appreciate it.

M D says:

Thats what your backyard sounds like? wow @ 10:49

crysisnov says:

Don’t you also see the bear flag formed on the 1h and 15m?

Ash Jones says:

The bells, the birds, and the squirrel! So beautiful! This is what really matters!

thomas rogers says:

thank you

Axe and Timber says:

Dan, Thanks for the videos. Your “do good things” has really been working on me. I look for opportunities to do good things all the time now. I think to myself ‘bitcoin paid for this’ as I donate or tip. haha

Jo Han says:

My favorite channel anywhere. Thank you for your great work!

Satoshi Nakamoto says:

I always buy food for homeless people.

Mark Siegel says:

Loving the do good things, it really helps keep things in perspective. Thanks as always Dan!

sister. Vk says:

I put my faith in the Telcoin-coin! It will repeat the Ripple’s fate this year! The coins have already come from airdrop yesterday Now I’m waiting, hoping for growth in 10 X at least)

Ivan Castano says:

Did you find a mate for the squirrel or was it about feeding him/her LOL.
-When you scale out sale orders how much do you leave for the rest of the ride after locking profits?
-Thank you for the H&S warning yesterday – it save me $80 though I grabbed it late. The video today shows that you don’t actually have to wait for the left shoulder to form, that you can get out after the head is out. That is pivotal knowledge to have and we all who watch you must be grateful for those tips.
-What do you think about all the fresh media fuss on BTC’s year-end price? Will it be 25 K? I am thinking maybe a little more if LN proves successful and we get some adoption. ADOPTION is the key catalyst for this market, I think. Where do you see this coming down the pipe?
GRACIAS por existir!

Randy says:

Thanks Dan

Kieren Seymour says:

Great show. Get rid of the long ass intro…

AZ Niteforce says:

I have the great idea stop trading an invest !

Brett Ryan says:

Great analysis dead on thanks for your time.

Dominic Sefton says:

Im not after a free course or anything because I can afford it. There are other people that deserve it more. I intend starting it this week and can’t wait. I have for months now just been following, listening and watching you. As my wife says, almost stalking you haha. I tell her “this guy has become my mentor and it is he who is going to give our young family financial freedom”. I haven’t made any money yet in fact I have lost a little through learning how this all works. I started this from scratch not knowing a thing about trading, crypto, stocks etc. Now I’m ready to take your course. Just want to say thanks for the journey so far. Your teaching methods are such that you want to learn more. Can’t wait to start the course and get my financial freedom underway.
Cheers from Downunder.

Jos van der Spek says:

About Ether:
You suggest Bitcoin will outperform it, in the sense of reaching ATHs. But have you considered the ETHBTC chart? It almost saw 9 red weeks in a row and is at relative lows, certainly due for a bounce (since the project is still loved a lot, I believe). It would also make sense for it to form an equilibrium pattern on the weekly that way. Couldn’t that propel it up a lot faster, making it equally easy for both Bitcoin and Ethereum to make ATHs?

Matt Holden says:

outstanding – loving that you have slowed down mate

Slivka says:

шо це

Ade Austin says:

Just buy. Fuck all this. It’s going up, eventually.

loul42 says:

Thanks Dan as usual great video !

Rob Igglesden says:

Could you be any more spot on? Break in 12 to 15 hours! Good grief. I tried to trade it but Binance froze. Time to choose a new exchange as Binance can’t cope with breaks.

Mike Conn says:

Please help me understand what happened between 730pm eastern time and 830pm. Was that another short squeeze?

Jon Beal says:

Keep them coming, Dan! Your videos are a part of my daily routine now. Just so much knowledge coming out of them! Thank you.

realtalk1337 says:

waiting for your spy dia iwm analysis, subscribed!

Voyage & Hearth says:

Thank you for creating these videos Dan, and reminding us to do good things!

reg s says:

eth is looking nice

Stephen Ferlita says:

Dan, your great thing you do is sharing your wisdom in these videos. Your wind chimes with Mr. Squirell was your do good for me today. Great, informative video as always.

Лина Сычева says:

Here is the most perspective token of 2018-2019 on

Brendan Barnum says:

Concise and descriptive, keep these update videos coming!

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