Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Analysis Chart 4/12/2018 by

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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 9/15/2017

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Mark Kramm says:

If you can;t use RSI levels as a reliable way to know when to sell during breakouts, what are the signals you use to know when to exit a position?

Phyiuck_Yiu says:

Catch it on the dump.

ancientsculpture says:

how are you guys trading this? I have always wanted to take advantage of trading btc and other crypros but i dont know how besides trading blockchain stocks like riot, dpw, etc which are not direct plays on btc and the other currencies

JayBigDadyCy says:

I got up about 5 minutes too late lol. Sat down at my pc and opened up gdax to see BTC at 7.6k and shooting towards the moon. Nearly entered a trade yesterday since I’ve seen many alts make this same move from the same kind of drawn out consolidation recently. A solid lesson though and a fun one to watch unfold!

Ivan Castano says:

Thanks, Dan. You are Crypto Jesus, not Roger Ver! I made a whole $60 from the move, both by snapping up ETH and BTC when the breakout started. I was pissed bc Coinbase is a fraudster. I bought BTC at 6,950 and they sold it to me at 7,000 after adding a bogus “spread fee”. When will these exchanges be sued? Anyway, this was the first time I actually made money from understanding TA so thanks a BTC billion. Cheers

collectorjrg says:

YES!!! So glad your update is out cuz after the $1k jump I’m kinda lost and been waiting for your video so I could try to get some clarity

Juli Collum says:

I got in just at the right time! Such an exciting morning…

Craig Neeve says:

bull break looks like the loch ness monster

k barry says:

ps did a good deed today. I have a property I rent to a wonderful hard working woman, I let her off paying rent this month, she offered to pay half, I said you will pay nothing, but you will treat yourself. Thanks Dan


So legit, so correct … the bullbreak! Keep doing this. I´m promoting your channel with my friends here in Monaco. Cheers!

Andres Sanchez says:

Remember, always do good things

Satoshi Nakamoto says:

Missed the whole move thats life ill wait for another entry.

Stxtch says:

ETH in fact did not see as much gains compared to Bitcoin. Check the ETHBTC chart.

Dee Canuck says:

Thanks, Dan. I could only fomo in near the top. I’ll get the next one though. 😉

Anand says:

When you keep saying that you haven’t been using market orders because the bulk breaks don’t last, what was it this time that changed your approach from the past week(s). All in non-the less when you mentioned smaller positions and patience lately. Just want to learn any differences for future.

Scott David says:

When I first started thinking of investing in crypto last year I came up with a basic criteria for what I thought the “currency of the future” would need: instant transactions, feeless, sustainable, decentralized. My plan was to throw some pocket change at it, and sell when it was enough to retire comfortably with. I started with Nano, made a ton of money off that, but as I kept doing research I realized that its scope was way too small, and there were projects that met (or will meet) the criteria while covering much more grounds. Thanks to everybody who posted about Evan Gilmore, you are all part of my Success Story. Let’s keep spreading Words about Him to help the Ignorant people who are loosing, If you have less than 3 Bitcoins or more, why not trade it and make more profits. It’s no News that Evan Gilmore has been helping so many of us out here with New working strategies to trade our Bitcoin, I went from having 3Btc to 10Btc. Imagine selling off each of them at $30k in a few months, You can Reach his email or text him at ( or Telegram +1(904) 428-8349.

Iaindorr says:

i’m in Dan !

C_Ova says:

Learned a lesson

andy patch says:

Great video Dan as always. As a rookie student I learn’t a lot today, was great to watch the bull break happen. Although I felt a little sad I was not in a trading position to ride the wave. But it cheers me up to know as you said, that other similar opportunities will follow. Many thanks.

Tom Ward says:

how can i go short on shorts? 🙂

CryptoJane says:

Always such a pleasure to listen to your calm, clear & insightful analysis, thanks!

alphawolf1809 says:

I was worried about a false breakout cause we are in a bear market so I put a stop buy at 7170 the night before and alarms on like 3 different crypto apps if 7150 broke so I could watch it and enter a stop loss if it was a false breakout of an eq. Didn’t really need the alarms cause my regular alarm went off at 6:30am est

Kieron McKay says:

Thank you for the stop buy tip, that’s very true. Should have thought about that. Doh.

SKYNET says:

is it an airplane? is it a bird?? nooo its BTC!!

Energy Core says:

Weekly inside bar bull break on all big 3, looks like a 3 inside up pattern now especially on ETH

k barry says:

Hey Dan, great vid again. Accurate as per usual. Great Trade today well done you. There is a guy that still predicts BTC will come way down by the end of next week 2k,3k , I will show you his channel, he actually compliments you in one or 2 of his vids. I do like his videos, but really dont want it down there again,,, It would be good to have your thoughts?

Wouter Lipsius says:

Really appreciate your content! Just got into crypto recently, trying to learn all I can. As for technical analysis, I don’t need to look much further. Bought your online course and soaking it in. I also do love the part where you put trading into perspective, by taking a nature hike and how you remind people that the money is just a means to do good for yourself and for others, and not an end. Your mindset is admirable in inspiring. Keep up the good work and give me a heads up if you are ever in Amsterdam. I’d be happy to show you around and do something in return 🙂

Лилия Самойлова says:

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tskitz says:

I am a student who cannot yet trade but I love the educational videos and am trying to learn diligently for when I get a summer job !

Oliver Torres says:

Thank you Dan for the quick update..I missed it but hope to be ready for the next one.

RabbiChutzpah says:

It looks to me like an Adam an eve bottom has formed. I think we may be able to target 11.5k?

robizzlor says:

I missed the bullbreak… Was watching the whole day than had to work and bam… so fucking unlucky 😀 But I’m impressed you were right with your predictions.

Paul Fraser says:

Thanks . . . wasn’t sure whether to stay in . . . think i’ll hold on a bit longer now . .

Daniel Floam says:

Thank you for the quality ta, always on point

Kevin Lewis says:

I have all my money in LTC hopefully it will go back up soon. I’m shorter term but still at a even mark not a loss

Uch Prez says:

Cheers for the pep talk at the end. Missed this breakout, frustrating to say the least. There will be others 🙂

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