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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 9/15/2017

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Brandon Villatuya says:

Over 9000 **crushes scouter**

Arboria Crypto says:

Dan, great spot on volume with CB, thank you for informing us.

Satoshi Nakamoto says:

Thanx Bro

Brett Ryan says:

8800k Monday

Brian Kelly says:

Fui** I love your videos bro! In your method of analysis there’s so many variables to consider I never paid any attention to before, it’s a lot to grasp, but the metric is spot on. My one question is, how do you track your P&L with so many trades happening every day/week? Just simply analyzing the trade history inside the exchanges, it’s pretty challenging to get a clear picture of overall performance? Any suggestions from anyone reading this, I’m all ears! Thanks much for these great videos Chartman Dan. You rock bro.

Justin Kaye says:

How can I apply this knowledge to position trading? >4 weeks, when looking for higher lows and higher highs

Cheapest Bitcoin Price says:

I dont see what MA and EMA your are using. Anyone can read it?

cyberprompt says:

lol. OVER 9000!

zetar0b0t says:

Over 9000! Sorry had to..

BeauKnows Productions says:

thank you dan! i am stuck in a trade right now, but i won’t sell for a loss. just gonna wait for btc to get back up to above 11,500

Sara Sabatino says:

I swear you’re talking to me every time you make a video. It’s like you know what I’m thinking and how I’m feeling. Dan’s on my level. You’re amazing and everything you say makes perfect sense. Thank you for your insight! #priceless

Alias Doe says:

Is there any way you can do a more detailed videos explaining your indicators and alerts ?

Roxorito says:

if you were not in a position then would you get in at 9170 4h higher high or patiently wait and try to catch next 4h higher low risking that train will leave without you? I guess the 2nd one coz we are still in a bear trend right?

FDAmusic says:

ive learned so much from you, from youtube, thank you for the free education!

Sailing Epiic says:

Just subscribed. Carter Thomas (Coin Mastery) sent me here.

Feuer Entertainment says:

How do you manage your stop loss when scaling in? Say your entire position got scaled in and price continued to go down. How patient do you stay anticipating a bounce knowing RSI levels are extremely oversold and the chart is over extended?

Ashish Shah says:

Weekly macd is doomed . Keep selling ….. Don’t think anything else …….until the weekly macd reaches oversold conditions or much below 0

Philson says:


Crypto Gardener says:

You lost me at the beginning with all the higher lows… daily higher low to form weekly. Don’t we need a higher day in order to create a higher low right now on the daily?

Michael Johnson says:


ariel x says:

Thanks for the vid!!!!

8bitmusics says:

26:06 Wiggle Room

Mike Cav says:

Thank you!

Chris Willitts says:

I’ve been watching your videos and while BTC keeps dropping for days on end and you keep saying “we are good, it (the bull run that never existed) is not over yet.” Why don’t you ever face the fact we are clearly going down or at least go through that scenario for people? You’re the only guy on YouTube acting like bulls have nothing to worry about and people are getting hurt following your tone. I don’t think you mean to hurt people, but be a little more responsible and balanced at least.

James Brooks says:

so much info in one video. good work

gulcan kılıç says:


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bikeguy1986 says:

I am sure glad you brought up the “orchestrated” volume events. Also you mention the unreliability of Trading View. I concur. A youtuber has their Bitcoin chart up and Trading View had the buy signal on from 11,400 to all the way down to 8800 ! THEN they put on the sell signal right when it was going up during the bounce today !  So rigged.

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