Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Analysis Chart 3/6/2018 by

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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 9/15/2017

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Cripto Caio says:

Thumbs up like always!

g fri says:

I like the way you cover TA. Direct & too the point

Eduard says:

maybe we see equilibrium play out in 11700 / 9400 range

dito gvelesiani says: make some bitcoins <3 <3

Michael Handelman says:

Theta token looking strong

Paul Castellano says:

LTC = HOLD..LOOOOOOONG ON LTC…… LTC = Mansion paid in full key west!

Steven Brooks says:

Dan·i·mal the animal. Any male named “Dan” with a unique ability to be the life of the party or consume copius amounts of alcohol and remain functional in social settings. 🙂

Juli Collum says:

I am just thrilled with today’s video, about to watch again, thank you, thank you for such good analysis! I pick up so much psychological understanding of the market movements from you. Really great job! <3 <3 <3

Chris Holloway says:

Still waiting on Cliff Highs prediction of 13888 early this month. Still hodlin until I’m confident enough to trade. Thanks for the vid Dan, enjoy the dentists lol

President Trump says:

Good job, TradingMan Dan!

mikeselvaggio1 says:

The trade-ignorant public WILL care when BTC hits $20K…but by then they’ll be chasing. WE depend on Chart Guy’s services, and others and our own analysis to get in BEFORE the chase. Otherwise we’re just dumb!
So give us the scoop when it’s time!, Thanks!

bas mav says:

Dr. Dan you rock sir! God bless you and the family!

Crypto Gardener says:

So many signals to look for… I hope with study to be able to see them more clearly. Thanks

Cal Berton says:

i try listening at .75 speed but you just sound tipsy 🙂

D T says:

really good video, thanks guys

RippinDT says:

Dan do you leave your cash position on the exchange or you transfer from cold storage each day before trading? I don’t understand how day traders aren’t paranoid moving currency around on these exchanges.

Brad Mulley says:

OK I give up. Going to just hodl and pray.

Hainezy says:

Not sure if you saw the doug polk richard heart vid, heart made a convincing argument for TA.

1988Allnatural says:

Great video on the psychology of the overall market! I would really like to hear you speak a little about interest rates and your outlook on housing as you mentioned you’re monitoring it and waiting to buy? Thank you

Proton says:

What website do they use for the chart?

Paul Castellano says:

LiteCoin = $3,000-$6,000 by end of the year!!

Ryan Meunier says:

Icon (icx) Please.

Stephen Dombowsky says:

Thanks! Another great vid.

Samuel Diamante Cruz says:

Litecoin this year up to $500 next year $750 a year later $1000 up and down.

Bo McIntyre says:

I am becoming a speed listener & learning lots … thank you 🙂

Jason Anderson says:

I don’t know if you noticed, but LTC was leading the way on the bull move up from the bottom, but I also noticed momentum change to the downside in LTC first. As the price was around 11,500-11,600~, although it would spike intermittently when Bitcoin pushed hard, LTC was still trying to make bull move before BTC. That was my sign to get out of BTC, and open a short.

Jason Rosewitz says:

Thanks for the analysis. First time viewer. Just subscribed.

Kristofer Carrison says:

Great content! Very helpful per usual. Thanks again.

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