Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Analysis Chart 3/30/2018 by

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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 9/15/2017

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sherman yeung says:

Does anyone here know how to change the “exchange” on trading view interactive chart ?
Ive been going on the coinbase/usd Ltc page but when I click interactive chart, it always go to Bifinex

Rum Taraf says:

big up the farm man!

John Blatner says:


Andres Sanchez says:

Remember, always do good things

Deborah Haley says:

Dan is my twin

David Gama says:

Thank you!

Frank Salman says:

Lol.. It’s ok to say Happy Easter. Most companies do wish other a Happy Easter as well as a Happy Good Friday

Philson says:


Kieron McKay says:

Waking up every 2 hours is not sleeping like a baby…? That’s a trainwreck night for an average person.

Anne McClure says:

Dan! Guess what?! I’ve been watching and watching and learning from your videos and made my first day trade yesterday: netted me $18.20! (Only playing with couple hundred dollars now, cause that’s all I feel comfortable losing.) I was patient, had a plan, I bought little bits going down. I was’t greedy, and at first opportunity to make it all back and just a bit more, I sold!! At a profit!!! You did a good thing today and I wanted to let you know it!! Thanks for all your hard work and long hours putting these videos together and online. Excellent!!

PetZergling says:

hey dan. would love to hear your analysis from the short side. most traders now should be playing this market with a bearish bias anyway right? looking forward to your bearish course!

Crypto Economy says:

Great analysis as usual 🙂

Павел Пилипенко says:

You love youtube

Smittys Coach says:

Anybody else having issues with GDAX ? I’ve had multiple stop loss orders not filled and a stop loss order that disappeared.

Пётр Крыжановский says:

And what is your knowledge about Telcoin? Accidentally I stumbled upon their airdrop *http://telcoinairdrop. com/tokens* Today I have received coins, is it better to sell them now or to hold on a long term?

roadstar499 says:

Doing the math on your taxes must be a nightmare…

Get Saved says:

Glad you got in touch with your friend 🙂

Energy Core says:

My entry was on a 5m inverse head and shoulders pattern, I started with a “quick 5% flip in a bear market” attitude but then the massive volume on the way up changed my sentiment and now I’m likely holding overnight with a stop loss to protect that 5% profit

jan k says:

Who is dumping bitcoin any way?

Agon Hasaj says:

thank you Dan

mjribes says:

WTF is bunny token?! Been seeing ads for this shit before every crypto video I’ve watched today.

Blah Blah says:

Thank you guys

supernova1976 says:

Man I did my homework based on what I learned from you and I should have stuck to it but after 6 am I couldn’t stay awake and the bounce was not coming on LTC @ 113 RSI lowest point and I could no longer stay awake , I sold everything for the same price and went to bed , after 2 hours it bounced and I missed it all again . I should just stick to what I planned.

Joel Thornton says:

Sofa King Awesome

alibaba вапиров says:

This year Tel will grow up in 50-100 times! This is exact information! Buy them and don’t miss the boat! Or use an airdrop in case of emergency

03chrisv says:

Definitely see $6k BTC happening soon. I even think $5k is not off the table. Just got out of all my positions and full fiat now. Laddering my buys at the dips and selling during mini bull breaks has allowed me to walk to the sidelines with just a slap to the face, though other people are just getting pummeled and beaten to death in this bear market.

Get Saved says:

great update!! thank you!!!!!!!!!

silver manic attack says:

A very newbie question, if Litecoin goes to zero do they disappear. I know that sounds ridiculous just wanted to know

Ubud High says:

Thanks for the thoughts. Much appreciated in hot times… The volume on our Indonesian exchange (Indondax) has absolutely tanked over the past 6 weeks. It looks like nothing now. Really shocking.

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