Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Analysis Chart 3/20/2018 by

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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 9/15/2017

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Daniel Zeidan says:


Mike Conn says:

Great analysis, even better message on spreading your earnings to less fortunate people. Much respect. On a side note, just from listening to different channels, do you use stochastic RSI as well? And sorry if this is a dumb question jut trying to learn a bit. Take a little bit from the people that seem to know their analysis. Thanks for any knowledge.

Chasar says:

Some idiot downvoted dont you wish you could just find out who they are and confront them or am I psycho?

Sherif Amer says:

Thank you as usual and god bless you for the good things you do and more importantly for teaching other to do good. you are a good man Dan, we need more people like you on you tube. Cheers!

Benjamin Rockwell says:

thanks for being cool with Carter.

Roy M says:

yesterday ETH had some odd price spikes in both directions. ETH not only has been weaker lately just some weird things goin on.

Michael Thoma says:

Dan, how do I get in the Slack group? Thanks as always!

Helen Daly says:

Aw your little Bromance with Carter 🙂 He was saying good things about you in his video today too!

Nordle says:

interesting that you say use market order so inside bar bull breaks I have been having soooo much trouble trying to use maker orders set just above the outside candle, do you know if you can do this and also set a stop limit order at the same time below the outside candle – ie before you have bought? thanks Dan outstanding material

Francois Hamel says:

Expect a wave of new subscribers 😉

Winston Smith says:

I’m a bull at heart, but I’m a pessimist in my soul. I truly believe we will be in a bear market for the rest of the year. This bump in price is simply a pullback caused by positive news. I don’t believe it’s enough to cause a complete trend reversal. Besides, I’ve been trading as a bear for so long, i’m afraid I don’t know how to make money in a bull market.

Daniel Saville says:

I was able to make a nice day trade today and made a couple %. I really enjoy your analysis and gives me a new perspective.. thanks!

Vaideesh Loganathan says:

No FOMO signal @ 2:00!

Keegan Wetzel says:

Dan et al, love what you do for the community! Is there any possibility of doing a video on taxes and what y’all are doing in the U.S.? I began some swing trading last year after following you for most of 2017, and would waste days inputting every transaction and trade into an excel spreadsheet by hand. Any advice?? Thanks!

Sibzi Also him says:

Dan do you see the big ascending triangle on the daily?

Mile Janevski says:

Love you man!

Tim Chaffin says:

Weekly Equilibrium, steady as she goes. Too much needs to be accomplished in Blockchain Economic Models for cost savings . TPTB know this so also they know Bitcoin needs to rise, big money at stake, Big Money will keep Cryptos going up with Bitcoin leading the way. Optimism this time wins the race.

kailuablue says:

Thank you! Learning alot from you and always love the “Do Good Things” reminder. Namaste

williems jaj says:

Thanks to this bitcoin guru with the help of Roland have started to mine for my self, I have being able to mine up to 0.4btc within two weeks with his guild and instructions. Wish to start your own bitcoin mining feel free to contact he will assist you on how to mine 0.4btc in two weeks.

J Ernest says:

You have a kind and gentle spirit, Dan, and a big heart. Thank you for all that you do.

Jake Bracey says:

Who the hell is disliking this? Free ta from an expert! You rock Dan Thanks so much for your continued insights

Lady Blues says:

Thankyou again… I love your daily updates

Crypto Gardener says:

Thanks for your reassurance, I was feeling frustrated because I was looking for an entry and couldn’t find it. Been listening to Carter for months now. I listen to him at 1.25 speed and you at .75 speed! BTW I volunteer at my local food bank and have learned that for them, monetary donations go a lot further than donating actual food, as they get matching grants and are able to purchase big lots at wholesale prices, tho of course all donations are welcome.

Mark Lipford says:

Good day, Dan!

Joe Pegler says:

Thanks Dan. What parameters do you use for your indicators? Have you got them somewhere on your website?

Arboria Crypto says:

Carter is solid resource! Cheers!

I Love you All says:

Love the push for making good in this world with the earnings we make 🙂

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