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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 9/15/2017

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20helston says:

The reason for having to say NO to LitePay, for now, is the sad fact that the developers behind LitePay and LiteCoin couldn’t find anyone to issue their cards for them as card service providers like Visa or MasterCard are not as friendly towards cryptocurrencies as investors and holders are.

That means that LitePay is impossible to make happen at the current moment because card service providers are not interested in partnering up with cryptocurrencies or in this case with LiteCoin. So, that is how LitePay ended unsupported and delayed possibly for forever because they weren’t able to grab attention and capture the interest of any of the card service providers that would propel their project.

That is how poor LTC started to drop in price, slowly giving into the black wave of the dipping crypto market that has been going downwards for months now.

However, if LiteCoin manages to come up with another solution that would enable LitePay to commercially exist without having to use cards; the problem would be, without any doubt, solved.

chesschampion94 says:

When you scale in your orders anticipating an oversold bounce, do you make these orders equal or do you increase the amount, the lower your orders are?

Andy Anderson says:

You are the exemption to the rule. I am the rule. That’s why I don’t trade. Enjoy your vids though.

andy _ says:

Ltc btc back and forth has been my trading pair when I have limited fiat to inject at lows.

DubstepDinosaurs says:

How do you buy a breakout Dan, technically? Limit orders seem impossible so I assume you must use market orders on breakouts.

Chris Holloway says:

25 cent Dash Tacos? Can I pay in LTC?

Jonathan West says:

Fuck Dash we’ve had fast coins in the past they was proven insecure such as Worldcoin / Fastcoin,, Litecoin should be valued much higher than Dash dash has a fake market Litecoin brings in real Fiat to the crypto space.

John Blatner says:

thanks .

antman2020 says:

Thanks for sharing your expertise! Have fun, don’t listen to haters, they’re always be there, hating. What you do is fantastic!

Nicholas Leacock says:

Forgot about Dump o’clock today. Damned Kobayashi—The Usual Suspect.

Jeff Lewis says:

With capital gains taxes 15–20%, how do you justify 3–5% profit gains?

Philson says:


Deborah Haley says:

I love that you plant daily “seeds”. I supplied a homeless person with a bath, food and bed for the night yesterday. Wish I could do that everyday but changing lives one person at a time changes the world a little. Even with a phone call to an employees boss regarding the great service.

Katieli Teu says:

Hi Dan, can I ask what you set your EMAs at? Thanks!

Arboria Crypto says:

Always refreshing to hear someone on Youtube speaking truth, and on the right side of fence! Good on you Dan, make sure you grab yourself a beer down there too! Enjoy!

Hainezy says:

Thanks as always, still wondering if you’ve thrown any profit back into gnt at these crazy lows, Brass release is coming in the next 4 weeks (supposedly) they’d be in trouble for pushing the date again so it’s probably accurate now

Crazy prayingmantis says:

Honestly feels like the bull run is never gonna come right now.

cooldog60 says:

Your doing a good job.

Stephen Dombowsky says:

Please let us know how this Dash fest goes! Interested.

supernova1976 says:

You are so right about TA working so well, I am very new in crypto land started 4 days ago with zero TA knowledge and got into BTC @ 9700 and still holding . After I found your channel using exactly the methods you explain , I managed to gain 7% on LTC. I wish I found you before I started , I am still 14 % down on the initial BTC but now I am not worried . Thank you

Fray Wall says:

Dashfest. lol. Have fun bro.

Chase Brock says:

Don’t know much about crypto or technical, but getting into it slowly. Video helps a lot with small trades to save capital. Keep it up!

juan vidal says:

pls do BNB coin

Crazy prayingmantis says:

Honestly feels like the bull run is never gonna come right now.

Energy Core says:

What I’ve noticed during this downtrend is that inside bar bullish breaks haven’t really had any followthrough. I just played the bull break of the 4h inside bar in LTC but knowing this I took my profit as soon as we had a bearish reversal candlestick on the 15m and only at 1% gains. We also bounced against $167 psychological which is now the third time in the 4h chart.

So far the 12-EMA on the 15m has been holding though, so had I entered before the inside bar break I may have considered holding a bit longer until we lost that support.

These youtube comments have somehow become the reservoir for my personal analysis, it’s kind of amusing.

Richard Boyd says:

If BTC is gonna moon we will know as Alerts and TA will tell us. Meantime we don’t HODL. Hope is not a plan

Daniel Le says:

I’m holding my LTC. I’m using only half my portfolio to trade on Gdax ltcbtc and their usd pairs. I’m trying to rack up as much btc to trade into LTC or USD and then waiting for the BTC rejection to the downside to make a good size chunk of btc after the big final bounce from the bottom

Noah says:

Thanks! Sorry if this was already addressed, but did you set SL when scaling in LTC? If not, and you were actively managing, at what point (if at all) would you have cut losses, and would you have done so all at once or piece by piece?

Nick Hill says:

Gave you a thumbs down cause I am jealous.

Sherif Amer says:

Great video, please consider BNB, the have great news!

johnske123 says:

On what exchange do you trade? and is our money/Coins on there safe? do you use USDT? Thanks

bo reddude says:

do you sell your coins for the night? or do you hold cryptos overnight?

Emma Pisarchik says:

As you mentioned some days I do think about the pulling the plug on trading crypto. Then watching your video strengthens my resolve and motivates me to keep learning.

andy _ says:

Not gonna go broke when you’re locking in small gains during a downtrend—- AMEN!

Cryp Fever says:

hey Dan thanks for the update. Enjoy your Dash Fest it sounds cool.

PBR Street Gang says:

Great stuff and very useful – thanks.

Michael Handelman says:

Take a lookee at iota

Mark B says:

Philacone says 7200 next

Feuer Entertainment says:

I caught the first two LTC bounces, but then I expected the flush to come at 150 so I didn’t scale in any position before 150 and had orders set to go around 148 and below. It was very frustrating to then see price take off right in front of my eyes to 5 percent gains without me. Woke up and saw it then went to 10 percent, but there will be another trade. Lesson learned for next time!

Original Prankster says:

Dump o’clock chart incase anyone needs it 🙂

Jankovich Lazar says:

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zen ohm says:

Using USD instead of BTC for Litecoin analysis is really hiding the true story. Please ask the group again whether it would be better to use the BTC ratio instead.

Alan Ellis says:

Great video !

Multirotor Go says:

It is great that there are people that don’t believe in Crypto TA because they are the source were our money comes from LOL

Thomas Le says:

GREAT IDEA BY DASH!! Looking forward to what “they” say and how the plan works out.

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