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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 9/15/2017

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ABR Captures says:

Dump o’clock is not a mystery, it was actually on one of the coin news websites. Theres a company that’s systematically selling off huge amounts of bitcoin at the moment causing the dumps. Wish I could remember specifics.

Matt Quaile says:

Where do we get the dump o’clock chart

tom a says:

Crypto-Anarchism and Holistic Self-Assessment – Derrick Broze and James Corbett

klaus Campagnoli says:

What time zone?

Ankit Kulshrestha says:

Hi Dan,

One of the reason there was no sale on 1 day was because it was Sunday and he was on leave. I am hoping that the dump will continue tomorrow as well..

Andrejs Shewchenko says:

keep up the good work! Regards from Norway,)

jeffrey exposito says:

Price manipulation 101. I see a conspiracy to keep the prices fr

Michael Compton says:

Dan is starting the video by using log scale WITH a trendline connecting the peaks from all-time highs. What a wonderful way to start my day.
I feel so warm inside.

David Haakonsen says:

How big are the dump-o’clock orders? Is it the same amount every time?

my lo says:

Can you make money shorting crypto?

gattaca627 says:

Dumpa clock ..funny …might be spoofy on bitfinex

Samuel Dorasamy says:

Whats you setting for rsi

03chrisv says:

Not making any predictions here but I would not be surprised if we retest $6k for bitcoin before the end of March simply by just looking at the daily chart. Again not a prediction, I just won’t be shocked and turning pale in disbelief. We’ll see how the next 2 weeks play out and if the bulls can gain some control.

Brian E. says:

The mtgox trustee I’m willing to bet

aceyage says:

Let’s find out which addresses are responsible for this.

cryptoblazer Yo! says:

Hey Dan, can you upload a link to the dump O’clock chart please.

Your worse enemy says:

So i should sell my alts

deslomeslager says:

Crypto space, isn’t that _inside_ the BTC realm? (BTC interacts to the outside with fiat, and on the inside to alt-coins).
So why are you showing us alt-coins against USD ? Please start using the LTC/BTC and ETH/BTC charts. Rule out the BTC influence. And note: if you do this right, your followers will do the same. So you have an obligation here.

Vention1MGTOW says:

So the dumps are coming from a place where there is no daylight savings time.

hacker4now1 says:

Yeah these carts are great indicators but unless you’re putting in large capital, you’re not making much money !!

leviathan90 says:

You guys are the absolute best. Thanks! 😀

John Monero says:

We’ve seen sudden spikes and drops for days now, with unpredictable trading environment ! Some big players are clearly manipulating the market. The goal seems to be : destroying individuals’ portfolios. We might even see 6k or 5k BTC. Then, when most part of the individuals will give up, the smart money will enjoy a big pump. Sad but true I think…

james boyd says:

Doing good things. Thank you Chart guys

Jhonan Cedeño says:

Follow this Instagram account @jhonnancedeno for keep self about criptocurrency in Real time, 8 years of experience.

midnightbrad says:

I definitely got caught in that dump this morning… lost a little profit form yesterday :/

Ubud High says:

You’re cool, man. Please keep doing what you’re doing. A cool chap. Thanks for helping the ignorant, naive and still-learning newbie in this savage cowboy environment. Peace.

Vention1MGTOW says:

I’m a long term buy and hold kinda guy but I’m not buying till the mt gox issue is resolved. The bitcoins I have should be enough for me but as long as I work I’ll be saving money. I’ll just accumulate cash for now.

Jason says:

Those dumps are probably the Mt. Gox offloading that’s been going on.. should be coming to an end soon, if it hasn’t already.

emotional crypto trader says:

Theres also a mini dumps that happens right before the daily candle close for the past week (usually)

Philson says:


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