Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Analysis Chart 3/10/2018 by

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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 9/15/2017

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PBOGZ says:

Dan, last time you mentioned needed the 1 hour oversold and the 4 hour.. This time only the 1 hour… Any specific reason that changed?

Seem to have Forgotten my name says:

TA won’t work ATM!! This is all one/group of people putting multiple 200btc sell orders on bitstamp!! No one will buy into them, so no bounces etc, they are lowering the orders slowly to break supports.. Whats their target price is the question?? Below 6k? Not sure myself

Mehmet Ibrahim says:

i’m done watching charts, hoping for a bullish run to hop on. With KryptoBrandon i make 0.5 ether a week so i’m good 🙂

Matei says:

Thank you, Dan!

David Barkowitz says:

The bloodbath continues…

mikeselvaggio1 says:

I don’t get it…why don’t BTC traders everywhere see things like this ‘daily noon dump” and HUGE sells by the Mr Gox trustee ( and ONCE AND FOR FLOOD into LTC and BCH, etc…BREAKING this crippling dependency on a rigged asset. Until we break it…it appears we’ll be in this “sucker mode”. I know good Traders can still make a profit under these conditions, but that isn’t the TRUE nature of this market. There are huge upsides being dragged down by these coordinated whale dumps! But for now that’s only in 1 coin. If we break the dependancy, that’s a game changer!

cyberprompt says:

“Let’s look at Ethereum… actually let’s look at Litecoin again.” I like that.

Common Ground says:

Obv. Mt. Gox dude is doing a nooner daily dumping. Thanks for crapping on the people yet again, Mt. Gox.

TheChartGuys says:

I forgot Ethereum! Is that an indicator?
Scaling into LTC as I look for a short term BTC climax 8500 break.

eric bell says:

just as you upload this we lost our higher low

eric bell says:

you need to get on an exchange with shorting allowed !

Andres Sanchez says:

Remember, always do good things

03chrisv says:

Going down to low 8k for sure. If it doesn’t hold were seeing $7.5k range. The way things are going I could see $6k happening.

Ash G says:

Crypto is dying. I didn’t have the guts to short more than 2 BTC because I got reKt by the FUD news 3 days ago that destroyed my long position…
So many sign we capitulate, and I’m afraid to risk too much…

Chasar says:

This bear market sucks… just arbitrage

parabola says:

This bull market is over. We’ll go down to around 6k and move sideways for 6 months to 2 years like it has done in the past. Then it’ll explode again to new unreal highs.

niv Gnasherus says:

Don’t drive into walls guys

Tom Weller says:


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tam mulatu says:

Thank you ChartGuys. I just registered yesterday the Alert System and as we speak right now my profit covers the year member ship yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

Hannah Kurtz says:

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Energy Core says:

Some good news for the bulls, all 3 names set a higher low after consolidation, though only just. Volume is still not great on the 4h though the 1h does show some increasing bullish volume on the way up.

I’ve noticed that sometimes you have to zoom in to get details on the volume indicator – for instance when it’s a candle with long upper or lower wick, you want to see which move had higher volume, up or down.

Still not great for the bulls, but I’m looking for a lower high than 9520 to be formed, then a break of the equilibrium pattern to tell us which way we’re headed next week.

Matthew Higgins says:

Awesome as always!

Jacko de Boer says:

Could you do a Technical Analysis on EOS?

ConsideringPhlebas says:

LOL! Bitcoin looks terrible right now. Got a buy just above $7k, hoping to catch a bounce at the lower support trend line, but I wouldn’t be shocked to see a new, sub $6k low by month’s end.

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