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DubstepDinosaurs says:

Thanks Dan. You and Tone Vays both identified the seller(s) on bitfinex that triggered last night’s (usa time) sell off.

Christian Thames says:

I was told there would be lambos

Vapor S. Thompson says:

Call a company on the phone? Is it 1995 in a pre crypto world? People these days just post a positive review on the company’s FaceBook page.

Espen Gjøen says:

Watching all your videos lately, really good info and educating! 😉 Thanks for sharing! Like the positive attitude also 😉 Keep up the good work! 😉 Greetings from Norway 😉

Day Varia says:

@TheChartGuys This is something I just wanted to point out that very few people know or care about.. but as an audio engineer / musician who listens to the human voice a lot, I just wanted to say how wonderful your voice is to listen to. You have *perfect* diction, inflection, enunciation, etc. It really is a pleasure to listen to for someone like me with ‘misophonia’, who is highly sensitive to sounds I don’t like. I am SO HAPPY you are the best trader on YouTube because I can listen to your analysis and advice for hours without wincing or cringing and losing my focus. It’s kind of unreal to me that this isn’t an issue for everyone but I understand I’m a bit different, lol. THANK YOU, DAN!! You’re the best and have a golden voice to boot! You could do radio, voiceover, voice acting, etc. *anytime* if you wanted. It really is a valuable asset, so I think we all appreciate that you’re using it! 🙂

John Campos says:

Philacone was hacked yesterday, maybe that had something to do with the sell orders. Hope not.

John Thomas says:

Good stuff ! Thanks keep it coming

capgains says:

Chartguys – do you have your profit and loss schedule available online ?

Cokebyparis says:

Holding on to losing trades, nah, we don’t do dat here

marc combs says:

Thanks. Say hello to the chickens and goats. Have a beautiful weekend.

luvdriven540i says:

Way to go Dan! What a coincidence too! I just happened to make a similar phone call yesterday to a huge corp and praised an employee to her superior. This person worked a miracle and got something done that I thought would not happen!

Bones McCoy says:

aw man luv it and everyone including the kitchen ants;) I make an effort to do random acts of kindness every now and then. not only has it changed me, but the whole wurled! the butterfly effect is real no doubt! TY

jeffrey byron says:

I would love it if you talked even more about integrating trading into lifestyle. Since last January, trading has consumed me. I’ve been doing well in the markets, but it can be like an addiction out of control. I usually tell people not to day trade, and yet I even enjoy teaching it.

Philson says:


M K says:

I’m in US, PST, was up until 3am, saw some crazy action on gdax. Some shady things happen on exchanges when they know the core market is asleep. This has been going on for as long as I’m trading. Funny that it doesn’t happen with buys. Never will an exchange give you a bargain buy, it’s always on the sell off as they know you have a great position and they want to scoop coins up. I am no someone who trades with bots so I sit in front of the computer and watch for patterns. Don’t ever set up stop losses that are too good to pass up, the exchange will take it, if you have coins in a great position, HODL. The marke always goes up and you will always pay a higher price for your coins unless there’s a major crash. Here we are just correcting and moving down past the 2018 hyped up market. But, pump-n-dumps, rinse-n-repeats, fake data, fake volumes, blocking trades, no ability to get out and sell when you see the price dropping or buy fast when you see it climbing unless you pay hefty fees are only a few tactics xchanges not even traders seem to implement. Btw who wrote the actual algorithm for each exchange to go in somewhat of a sync with others? have you guys ever considered the system is rigged to benefit the exchange at all times? The bots control the rest and possibly internal bots as there is a lot of insider trading going on, I’ve seen so much just by sitting and watching trades in real time.

J DRN says:

Really appreciate you spreading positivity in the space! Excited to see where I can go the extra mile for someone today.

Paul D says:

Thanks Dan for keeping it real and being a top bloke

Xerxes Ellis says:

Newbie Question: (1stly thanks for your Vidz Dan)
When entering a trade, the account balance starts with an immediate loss of about 5% (spread as I understand) and yet I see you trade shorter time frames where there are less price % changes. I can only assume that you use leverage to magnify your gains. Now, if I leverage 2x does that mean my spread of 5% gets doubled to 10%?. Any trading platform you’d recommend?. Thanks Bro!

Terrina Cowan says:

You truly are a genuine person in this space Dan. Thank you.

Steve Nicholson says:

You are a good man!

Oilfield Info says:

You are a good guy Dan.. and im not trying to blow smoke by the way

Tari Litteral says:

Thanks you really help us newbies. I watch you faithfully. Enjoy your time at the wedding…

Tolga says:

Thank you

Deborah Haley says:

I bought lunch for a homeless man today and now I’m taking a foster child to a movie

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