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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 9/15/2017

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Jose Arellano says:

Keep them TA’s

Georg Magneshaugen says:

Thanks for bringing some pure technical analysis no biased or shilling info, very few that are able to be this unbiased as TCG!

Darren O'Driscoll says:

Hey Dan, coming at you from Ireland. Didn’t really know what you were talking about when I first started watching your videos but now I can follow and understand the language… Just need to learn how and why EVERYTHING happens… Ha ha. Thanks for the awesome content

Mighty Cobrik says:

Love your alert system!

Alexandler S says:

Hi Dan. Great video once again. Question: what is your setting with the EMA’s? Also what is your take on ichimoku cloud trading. I find it very profitable in trending markets. Keep up the good work.

Uch Prez says:

Your vids are great, daily go to for me in crypto and stocks. Thank you for all the great TA !

iClean Pro says:

Im probably would benefit frim having the course allot and start making money $$ 🙂

Paul Ypres says:

Do good things

Игорь Рева says:

free course{-)

GugabrasilortonRKO says:

Hey I want the free course!

Lady Blues says:

thankyou so much for your insight and such comprehensive analysis … i watch you daily and saving to join your alerts <3 you rock!

John van Meer says:

Free? Did I hear free!? Sounds good 😉
Have been listening to the vids for months now during my morning stretch (different timezone).
Good listens, also already bought the “trading crypto” course. A free “exit and entry” course woulde be awesome and recommended to keep the job away!

Cezar Calin says:

Hello Dan, i am from Romania, I’ve entered Crypto Markets in November 2017, i knew nothing about Trading, i came across a lot of youtube channels with TA’s and in conclusion long story short, i think you and your team are the best TA’s out here on youtube, because from you i learned a lot not to mention that i tried to sign in to your site but at this time i have no chance, i really want to learn TA, i eat, breathe and live for this, i want to become financial independent to provide for my family here in Romania with a wage of 400$ a month, i think that this is the Holly Grail, to live and trust your knowledge and motivation in life without a boss and without depending on the system.I can’t wait for the free courses and everyday posting, wish you all the best.

ranaq sen says:

Hey Dan! Love from India here…love what you are doing mate! Each and every day…a big thanks 🙂

javierovix says:


I started watching your videos a few months ago. You do a really good work.


Michael Grey says:

Never count your winnings, while your still sat at the table….

pltrcks says:

You do good things everyday Dan, thanks for all you do!

weldinGGlass says:

Wish I get one of the courses so I can trade effectively and afford the rest of the goodies that you provide such as the alerts!

Dietmar Zuegg says:

Thank you for your great work you share with us!

ImBuddhaD says:

Dan, still knocking out those rock solid videos. I’d love to do one of those courses with you guys.

I appreciate all the time and effort you put into this channels It’s also great to see you’re becoming more of a crypto convert, other than just the insane trading opportunities.

Enjoy your day, enjoy the ride and let’s enjoy being at the forefront of this new chapter in history together.

All the best from AMS,

Tiger's Tail says:

I love your channel
I’d love to have a free course!
Thanks for all the things you post

Jeffery Stone says:

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Michael says:

Want to thank you for your videos. New to trading and have been in crypto since October last year. I’m in the TCG membership and have been studying the educational videos. I understand the knowledge presented, but have yet to understand the deeper implications of how the puzzle pieces fit together. Hope to earn a crypto course from you! Best wishes!

Bushidon 1 says:

The first and only channel that I’m still watching, still good info, still good tips to watch. Keep doing this, you’re doing a great job!

Vassili Bagrov says:

Choose me choose me!

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