Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Analysis Chart 2/15/2018 by

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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 9/15/2017

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Tom G says:

is there a free trial ?

Daniel Le says:

So, is it true that ETH has an opposite correlation to the value of BITCOIN?

So if the value of bitcoin in $$$ drops, will it mean that the satoshi value of ETH on BTC increases correct?

If BTC goes up LTC does too and vice versa. Is this true?

Waseem Amin says:

You need to have a link at the starting of your video mate. just so that its easier to go to the web sight

niv Gnasherus says:

I’m always amazed when I hear another one of those fancy “bearish reversal xyz” terms lmao

Frank Dunnington says:

I can’t wait to be able to join your members only area!! Any time frame on opening it back up to new members?

URwhatUeat says:

Continue to do good things

Victor Vladimir says:

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Ada Raid says:

Do you ever do live trades?

saurabh bansal says:

Thanks for covering ETC. Did you also notice the perfect inverse correlation. Its even more clear on the etcusd pair on finex/kraken.

It had a nice bull break before bitcoin and litecoin with a similar follow up. Monero another example of a similar bull move.

So many opportunities in crypto again, I hope you revert back to trading cryptod again 🙂

Oliver Torres says:

Great information! Great videos Thank you. I hit the red button!

Mark Franke says:

Love to see you doing live trades

John Monero says:

Hi Dan ! Thanks again for the great analysis. But don’t you think correlation between BTC & Alts starts to be a bit off since the last hours ? BTC being more bullish ?

Iron Will says:

quick question, by selling you mean to say you convert it back to USD correct?

so i have LTC/ETH on binance, if LTC goes up today and i convert back to Eth, and the ETH goes down agiaanst the USD an the same day. how do i account for it.
i hope this makes sense.

Should i look to convert everythign in usd by the end of day ??

TheChartGuys says:

LTC 15 min Oversold Climax Alert:

Akshay Sapra says:

No weed stocks? 🙁

Deborah Haley says:

You’re awesome. I would love it if you really had t-shirts to sell that say, “Higher high”, “Lower low”. I’d buy one in 8 colors. Thanks for your time

BizInfo says:

Get free bitcoins while you use Chrome –

Moses G says:

Hey Dan, for filing taxes do your recommend just printing out our GDAX statement and bringing it to a CPA? Will they understand how to file capital gains on it properly despite there being thousands of little transactions on our statement from day trading?

David Barkowitz says:

High, low, lower high, higher low.

BTC says:

thank you for share #btcbahat

Raw Fooducation - Spencer Morgan says:

Thanks for the ETC analysis! Very informative video. I’m learning more from you everyday!

wettch wettch says:

Love it! Your videos are the only YouTube videos that I can watch at normal x1 speed. All others I have to watch at 1.5 to 2x speed.


Hoping to take your crypto class at some point!

Thank you for your time.

Rich Kell says:

Excellent vid again! Wouldn’t mind a course? 🙂

Lupe rivas says:

i need a course of course ! dan ? anyone?

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