Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Analysis Chart 2/10/2018 by

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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 9/15/2017

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Wendy Taylor-Hill says:

I like buying litecoin for longterm hold now

Steven Roumeliote says:

Brilliantly explained! Simple and to the point.

Shawn Fitts says:

You guys do it the best! great vid.

monterow461 says:

Inside bar alerts on point right now saved be from this dump

Manfred von Thistlebalm says:

It is amazing how the charts tell different stories depending on the scale you look at. It reminds me of an animal-cell-atom type thing.

D Tacherra says:


Two two Steele says:

Pos right back down

mik dome seran says:

A new blockchain based game called Aethia < -<----

Julio U says:

can’t stop won’t stop Dan the man

Great Efedenden Arubayi says:

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Tolga says:

Thank you Dan

Deborah Haley says:


JAYSONE77 says:

Thanks for going into detailed explanation about the highs & lows; learning so much from you Dan…I’m saving up for the crypto lesson offerings!

Jane Singh says:

Great video Dan! When considering volume, is it important to consider what is happening a other exchanges? The recent apparent surge in volume on GDAX is not mirrored on Bitfinex…..

mjribes says:

Thanks for the analysis. Personally I think we are still in a bull market and that we are going to hit the week’s lows again. Said that on Wednesday and I’m still saying it.

lewis miller says:

Thanks for making the video. Your consistency is awesome! Ive noticed you use slightly different language on crypto videos than on the stocks videos. Gap down, gap up, bollinger bands etc..

S K says:

I literally pull out a notebook and take notes on all your videos as you speak,  and eventually it all clicked. Your daily videos you always remind us what to look for and how to take action .

Mohannad Kattan says:

Is there any reason why the market today has lower performance than yesterday? Because it’s Saturday maybe?

coolezum says:

Thanks Dan, your the best man.

Will Donaldson says:

great vid!

Andrew Rico says:

omg! technical analysis! well it all depends on how many people are buying bitcoin, And not by a defined law made by some random guy.

Ken Semotiuk says:

Goodbye cryptos you don’t need charts to figure that one out!

Truth Conspiracy says:

Watch the volume for the LTC hard fork! to Litecoin cash (LCC)! it will be happening 18-20th of this month. Please be aware!! do not give out any private keys people unless there is zero in your wallet after the hard fork.

Rum Taraf says:

another SICK video! thanks chart man!

Diver Dan says:

I can’t get it I think because he uses so many other terms that are confusing…
I as a boiler engineer could say your AAv has let by & your Ntc has potentially blown your pcb as the prv did not blow @3…
Or your automatic air vent has leaked onto a sensor & destroyed the circuit board because the pressure relief valve didn’t vent excess pressure..
I guess it’s a lesson for people that know all the terms & understand charts already….I’m not bullish on starting to learn from someone that starts at level 9..& speaks so fast while trying to explain things using terminology people watching won’t be that used to.

sara stempels says:

Very clear explanation! Thank you so much! Love the simplicity. Starting to get the hang of the higher high, higher lows and don’t need to listen at x0.75 anymore ;p

Yaniss says:

You are THE charting man Dan. Thanks as always.

Krazy Thumbs says:

Highs/lows and support/resistance is an elementary way to describe market movements. Why is there no explanation on how to use Fibonacci, chart patterns, and wave analysis to determine targets/trends and where we are in the cycle?

Greg Ferguson says:

one of the best videos you have done. I have always enjoyed your videos and learn more off each one but today’s video just came across filled with extra information that just “clicked” with me. thanks again

Lester Castillo says:

Could you do any Elliot Wave analysis for bitcoin? I think that will help with the anxiety of this relentless bearish we’re having.

D K says:

Read more at Passive Income by Emma Hayes on Amazon

Jeremy Cragg says:

Thanks dan

Nick Taylor says:

Awesome analysis! Do you look at NEO at all?

Gravel Pit says:

to the mooooooon

oooRicky says:

when you watch so many chart guy videos you know what second to fast forward to for the content to start…

jmkexc says:

thankyou, excellent information

BladeAddict8 says:

What do you think of Elliot wave theory? A lot of EWT guys are saying we still have one more wave down?

BuyCryptoPig says:

Hello Dan. First of all thank you for the video and all of what that encompasses. I was listening Minute 4:17 and I think we are going to 7k because the RSI and the Macd look very different to the past attempt. Keep up the good work. I see you liked my tweets 😉

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