Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin IOT OMG Technical Analysis Chart 2/27/2018 by

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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 9/15/2017

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Chris Daniels says:

Wait…. Alts in usd


I will be back when btc pairs becomes thenorm

mcamcay says:

betting bearish to 6200 range … 5 eggs and a chicken,…lol

Fabrizio Tettamanzi says:

What do you think of Fortuna exchange?

David Haakonsen says:

Do you think bitcoin need a pullback to $8000-9000 before it break the resistance at $12000, or can we get a bull run straight trough in a go?

Jake Bracey says:

As always really helpful analysis thankyou! When comparing usd charts to btc charts do you just go off memory or is there a way to overlay them to see correlation?

Ripple Chips says:

how long upfront the overbought oversold signals will be sent? when its expected or at the oversold moment? since one needs to act quickly to jump in

Chris Daniels says:

Goldman Sachs is also gonna bring in his fees…. Something we barely see with exchanges now (minuscule)… Lol….No polo for me..

gaudet Gaudet says:

Which Canadian airport have you visited on that trip? Montreal?

Stephen Dombowsky says:

Ive watched your videos for quire a while now. My style of trading differs from yours. I am not trading in and out of dollars, but make trades to hopefully end up with more BTC at the end of a day. The method doesnt do as well in a bearish situation but it is consistant and it is working well for me. Your videos have been a great help. Thanks.

Jason Gibson says:


Christopher Melville says:

Thanks Dan! I’ve worn an Ethereum and OmiseGo tee/hoodie for months and only had one person recognise the names – maybe swap to BTC brand!

mightyachilles1 says:

BTC is looking really weird. Low volume with strange spikes. Also theres massive sell walls on the order book that disappear and reappear all the time. I think the whales are trying to suck in more newbs before they dump. Its a market im staying away from right now till (if) it hits 13 000.

mike s says:

the ETH sweatshirt makes me sad =( Great vid as usual

luvdriven540i says:

Your sweatshirt analogy does show how this space is still in it’s infancy. One way I gauge is by asking young people questions like, ‘what is blockchain?’, ‘Cryptocurrency?’….etc, and they say, “I don’t know.” Then I’ll end with, ‘what is Bitcoin?’ The most informative response was, “I don’t know, a coin that cost a lot of money?” My shoeshine boy moment will be when I see my Aunt Hilda wearing a Digibyte t-shirt as she’s swapping cryptos on her smart phone. Then I’ll know the top is in! lol.

Chris Holloway says:

Im curious as to what your Canuck friends think about not being able to use TD Bank Visa credit cards to buy Crypto.? Being a Canuck myself it grinds my gears personally. Also I was curious, what tools do they use to do their Crypto taxes? Keep up the good work Dan!

Camilo Carrillo says:

Man someone linked you on reddit and im learning so much, in a few months maybe i will be able to sustain myself or have my own strategy for trading. Keep it up, best wishes for you and your upcoming projects!

James Brooks says:

what is an inside bar?

Happy Pants says:

There is a staking going on for OMG where a minimum volume is required. and why it is less bearish.

Romeo V says:

Something to consider with your BTCUSD analysis; the Bitcoin Private fork thats coming up soon. The Snapshot of the block chain will be on Wednesday 5pm UTC. Could explain the run up in BTC after your posting of this video.

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