Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin EOS Technical Analysis Chart 5/15/2018 by

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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 9/15/2017

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Saurabh Porwal says:

Look forward to your updates everyday. Will keep away from this choppy market till a clear direction. Cheers.

kris Neel says:

You can be my hero baby…you can take my eth awayyyy

Sukoshi Kanatomo says:

Thanks for the vid, glad to hear your vibe echoes my own on this market- waiting for clearer signals.

Дмитрий Коротков says:

Keep in mind! If you invest in ICO, it is necessary to choose qualitative projects everytime ! Here is for example ICO Telegram The huge growth of token this year is quite possible!

daniel Cardwell says:

Unfortunately bitcoin won’t hold psychological support

Ryan Kirk says:

#1 Crypto Opinionator

David Infante says:

Don’t forget to exercise your eyes! Look out the window at something distant for 5 mins each hour.

MrsGondee says:

Tell me that was a trailer park boys reference

edisoncos1 says:

You fuckin rule, thanks for all you do!

Shinobi-1 says:

Health is your Greatest Wealth! Bless. Shopping basket dumbells are the best.

Damian Mendez says:

The best out there! You’re the only one I watch videos from every day!

Siarhiej Rutenka says:

Love your advices haha!! 😀

vingin69 says:

just started watching your channel about a week ago and since then the success of my trades have changed drastically thanks to your analysis. Subscribed

Tolga says:

Getting more and more comfortable everyday with OS bounces. Last 32 entries was break even or gain. I’ll start carrying a laptop with me 24/7, btc chart in my forehead, and try not to miss a bounce. Gym, car(parked or as a passenger ofc), restaurant, friends house… wherever. Let’s see how it will work out. Thank you Dan for your daily videos and courses. Couldn’t be as successful without your teachings!!!

Diastrus says:

Any chance you could do a video on youtube or in the crypto course on tax ideas for long term traders? Been thinking about setting up an S corporation, but would love to her some ideas you might have

Monkey Tron says:

Consensus was / is a joke. Shame.

Warlock Guitar says:

Thanks for your updates, I learn a lot, and appreciate your great outlook on life. Keep up the awesome work.

Philson says:

I advocate the push-ups too. Helps me stay awake.

ThereIsMusik says:

Thank you so much, great analysis and advice.

Frankie Rossi says:

The balance of life. Thanks Dan.

Michael Manfro says:

Looks like 5th wave down might be 8.2-7.7k.

Then sideways trading for several days and then hopefully MacD starts increasing up and buyers flood the market.

John Flemming says:

So glad you say getting 2 birds stoned at once. Thanks mate, udaman

Monkey Tron says:

Bitcoin has sound support at 8k. 3rd hit suggests serious bounce back to 9 no?

Steve Nicholson says:

Get two birds stoned at once, whoa…..

Mike Schroeder says:

hold shift when you click… gives you a measuring tape with %’s lol

petetown13 says:

“2 birds stoned at once” lol. Speaking of, while I’m here commenting, anyone know of a good trading view training video or have any tips? I seem to constantly have trouble getting my charts to look the way I want so patterns jump out at me a bit easier. Thanks for any info

John Pen says:

Great analogy at the end.

The Guadez Clan says:

Any chance you can do a video on how you determine levels?

ronP __ says:

cheers Dan!

Alcorr says:

You guys really are the best!

Pen Nob says:

Dan, the barber anarchist.

Stxtch says:

Hey Dan, how come you stopped including BCH in your analysis after noting it had the most significant gains since the early April leg up?

David DeMarta says:

hourly got pretty oversold, lets see how the bounce plays out

Mikki says:

I’m not even letting my bot trade in this choppy market ^^

Andy Yong says:

This guy has to be the most underrated t.a master YouTuber

andy patch says:

I like the get fit whilst market slow ethos. ‘Bitcoin or buff’ works for me. And I’m so glad Dan is one of the 5% level headed on Consensus, whilst 95% believe one conference will create a treasure chest of endless riches. Your wisdom is always appreciated, thanks.

ICO Launcher says:

Create own cryptocurrency.

Geo G says:

All you crypto longs are still broke . Don’t quit your dayjobs broke boys

Aether Mass says:

Instead of doing the rough mental math during videos. Try using the measurement tool on the chart. It is quick and accurate.

bigmac375 says:

lol are u me. i started working out and stretching because of trading back pain

Voyage & Hearth says:

Thanks Dan. Great TA

75jackrabbit says:

You make my day!

hui xue says:

Dan, u r so right. We need to listen to our body more. Someone says that our bodies do more for our physical well-being than we r consciously capable of doing.

John Thomas says:

I think if anything learning to chart in cryptos is so amazing…I must have the best teacher here…Thank you Jesus!

NEM Blockchain says:

You’d have to be pretty stupid to buy EOS now, considering you can no longer move it and secure in your ETH wallet, so you’ll just be trusting the exchanges to convert for you, but you won’t get free coins from all the different EOS blockchain implementations like if you had it in your eth address.

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