Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin EOS Technical Analysis Chart 4/30/2018 by

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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 9/15/2017

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Marinus Meijerhof says:

ETH !!!

AK says:

U rock it every time Dan. You inspire and motivate and educate. And you make it look like you are rolling a ball downhill. What a talent . Not withstanding your brilliance on the charts!

Rich Kell says:

Once again brilliant outlook mate, I had been stuck consolidating in what I thought was a bearish pennant after a significant downtrend but these pennants can sometimes break bullish depending on sentiment. So I increased my bullish volume by buying a sick Cole Clark acoustic, went long on what I really enjoy and keep raising my stop loss every day…Enjoy Florida mate, how about a trading vid from the beach while drinking an ice cold beer? Might increase the followers FOMO but will definitely drown out the FUD haha

gaebing says:

“Bull Flag” in you life!

Joan Beltre says:

GREAT FINAL WORDS!!!!!!! Very thankful for your gift and for your decision to share it with the world. I know many found peace in your chart analogy. Bendiciones Hermano…

Julian Soto says:

Anyone long term on EOS? Buy now or should a person wait for a lower dip? Very well analyst of the charts in addition to an informative video.

Crypto info says:

Many thanks for your effort in bringing us great analysis as this one

Crypto Gardener says:

Yay! Thanks for making the numbers easier to read 🙂

Samurai says:

Why I’m liking first before i watch ? ))

Michael Manfro says:

20 Ema crosses back over top of 55 ema.. bull market on horizon!!!!

Saurabh Porwal says:

Look forward to your daily update everyday. Big fan of your TA. I have the alerts setup this week and still customising them to optimum. Thanks for your videos. Keep them coming . Cheers.

Roti Wokeman says:

Wait what how did you get the numbers to be bigger? That’ll save me from premature blindness.

zepct454 says:

You’re just a good f’n dude

Jiang Li Fan says:

Without any idea of trading my cryptos, i met Brandon, he made its simple for me, because i make $12,500 with $1000 deposit. you can contact him on telegram, whatsapp messenger or skye at *+1 781 720 7209*. the best teacher you can learn from. i can boldly say brandon is the best mentor ever. Thanks Brandon you the best!!!!

Precisionrifleworks says:

Like it isn’t great forever, difficulties don’t last forever either. Same pattern throughout life. A bit like Fibonacci too

Austyn Moffat says:

I really needed that little bit of life advice at the end. You’re the best in the game rn for multiple reasons. Keep it up. Much love from Oklahoma.

CryptoSapien says:

Cracked me up

Akshay Sapra says:

Thanks a lot for the end of the video man. I’ve been in a bearish downtrend my whole life.. and i need to get out of the victim mentality


All the love from Monaco, make my day !

Adam McGrath says:

I think I just hit higher lows after significant consolidation on my life happiness chart. Patiently waiting for a (hopefully) bull break.

Abundance Vision says:

Excellent channel, thanks!

Lalo Aguirre says:

That thing at the end… Never thought of hearing something like that in a channel like this. Very much appretiated.

Ryan James says:

Your vids are a life saver. Thanks mate!!

Ian Harper says:

I gotta say Dan you’re videos are 10/10 but I hate your intro. The music especially. If you could just change 1 thing just change the music

Dee Canuck says:

Thanks, Dan. I could really use a couple of days off!

Michael Lay says:

Terrific video Dan, thank you

Gasper Kosmac says:

these failed breaks are getting more and more dangerous. If btc breakout gets rejected couple more times then the market is in a big big trouble


muy buenos consejos al final Dan! Excellent!

Johnathan Schneller says:

You are a great person Dan! I’m only a year older than you but have a fraction of your positivity and wisdom. I use to be the guy who lifted everyone and always did good things but about 4 years ago that all started to decay. 2 of my best friends that reminded me so much of you and made me who I am or was, passed away a month apart in September/ October 2015 and I have just continued to go downhill ever since. I look forward to your down to earth videos every day. To be honest, I am getting back into trading and counting on crypto to make a huge run, my wife and daughter will be taken care of. I managed to sneak 20k into some brokerage/wallets acct in the past 6 months and am trying to do exactly what you are teaching all of us. Much love and respect for you my friend. Would love to meet you one day.
Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

Kasia Notski says:

Love the analogy between charts and life! I always listen carefully to your personal thinkings you add at the end of the videos. I try to apply it in real life and it always has a direct positive impact on me and people surrounding me. The Do-Good-Think attitude looks simple, yet it is powerfull. I am sure a lot of people would feel much better/ would be more successfull adopting this mindset. Thanks for being such a great teacher!

Pause AndListen says:

I like the way you think! I’m going to try to look at my life and the life of my family as a whole with this “fibanophacy” of wave theory. Think of the fractals, sub-waves, extended and largely impulsive. D’oh Seriously though, without MJ you probably would have never developed this way of viewing your life. Very cool, Thank you!

kolpaz says:

So much truth. Appreciate you man

Tracey B says:

Thanks Dan

Carla V V says:

Hi Dan.
Do you like any MJ crypto currency?
How long will take an average person to learn trading?

RearAdmiralTootToot says:

I love the analogy of happiness being overbought lol. I’ve been going through an 18 year consolidation. If BCH can be picked up from such a sad situation, I have to hope that so can my life too.

bang your head says:

I had totally forgotten about MJ in general before I ran across your channel recently. I put acbff on my watchlist this morning to remind me to look at it after I finished putting in a few orders this morning. It ran off without me(again, I was watching in a while ago when it was $2), and nothing I put on today really did anything. So that was a bummer. But, tomorrow’s another day. Thanks for the positive energy.

Catcher-N Rye says:

I am so happy- i can see the numbers !
I thought it was just me .

M L says:

We are all just a bunch of head and shoulder trends

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