Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin EOS Technical Analysis Chart 4/11/2018 by

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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 9/15/2017

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Get Saved says:

Thanks for the update!!!

CHOMEL Alexandre says:

EOS pump due to an airdrop on the 15

Philson says:


Oliver Torres says:

Thank you Dan for Ur time and knowledge. You do good things makes me want to do the same!

Precisionrifleworks says:

Another good one! Dan, if I get your course and leave for work up north (I’m in Alaska if that’s not far enough north already lol) away from WiFi can it be saved to my laptop to listen offline? And would you trade my account for me when I’m gone, too?! Lol

Zbigniew Lipinski says:


Benjamin Androvich says:

You videos are awesome. Thorough, to the point, and great content. Thank you for doing these daily! I am learning every day and your analysis really helps!


Eos flipping litecoin

Lawrence says:


Randy Hipper says:

Great video Dan

President Trump says:

Check out… check out… the hot waitress?!? LOL

Roy M says:

dan tipped an extra $10, nice.. i wonder how much extra he tips at the strip clubs : D

Mista Mase says:

“Check out… Check out somethin'” – Dan 2018. Haha

Voyage & Hearth says:

Thanks for the video, very helpful. I wonder if I should get some ETH, or BTC before the break?

Tommy G says:

Hahahah thanks dan! im checking out some cold beers!

Dimissimo says:

Thank you man! Can you tell me Is it impulse wave 1 on EOS?

dmtetreault says:

I’ll check something out too! Lol almost as funny as the goats…

Ivan Castano says:

Thanks, Dan. Will you be announcing the BIG BREAK on Twitter so all your followers can benefit? What is the chance it will be bullish vs bear – 50/50 or 40/60 in absence of catalytic news either way?

Shawn Putnam says:

How do traders manage to profit significantly in a market with no volatility though (other markets)?

Christopher Robert says:

LTC will never be anything, Charlie didn’t sellout for no reason he knew what this all was

Joel Nathanael Smith says:

A rich guy with his own crypto channel is so proud he tipped a waitress $10. Criiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnge

Roti Wokeman says:

Is crypto dead yet?

renier veiga says:

Checkout the waitress….

Leplott32 A says:

New sub, thank you sir. Exactly what I was looking for.

Jose Hernandez says:

Weekly chart on BTC still looks week. Can you please review the weekly charts. Higher time frames are more important. I look at the weekly and daily. THank you for your precious time

Ashish Shah says:

Slow stochastics still below 20 so any bounce towards 7000-7500 is a sell price .my target is still 4400 where I COULD buy , till then I will keep selling .once slow stochastics get out above 20 there is chance of 7700(20dma &200 dma) and 8700(50dma). Remember the 200 dma at 7700 is being crossed down by 20 dma and the 50 dma racing down towards 200 dma which will be a death cross but , still 1,000 $ away . even though stochastics get out above 20 I may buy small for that short moment but still remain very bearish and will buy big may be at 4400$……

David Rupe says:

Why are you covering EOS now? I only trade on GDAX just as you do. EOS is not available on GDAX so which exchange are you using?

Kieron McKay says:

I’m on board for that something man. Something coin?

Aider says:

5825.. ☺

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