Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin BNB Technical Analysis Chart 4/5/2018 by

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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 9/15/2017

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Michael Harris says:

top stuff, love the effort and how cool you are with your charting talent.

Chris Howgate says:

Dan you are a very astute and philosophical man…. this is my daily go to please keep it coming, I’m really liking the do good things segment.

Dani Muresan says:

Haha BUMMED you out huh? :))

Cheema0113 says:

Are you seeing an upward trend on the hourly chart for eth?

k barry says:

Hello from Dublin,Ireland. What a good person you are, in a world of such negativity you bring hope, keep doing what you do.

Brian Pruitt says:

Planting seeds of joy for the bees and ladies and gents! 🙂

G G says:

love the work dan thanks bud

Ahmed Tawheed says:

what are the moving averages he is using guys ??????


Thank you i’ll be patience.

c4p0ne says:

I can’t believe people listen to (let alone praise) this deeply unscientific “chart woo-woo”. Utterly mind boggling.

Thiago Leite says:

YEah, much better the chart in gray! thanks

Ivan Castano says:

hahah the onlhy pretty pretty for me right now is the green and not seeing much yet :((((

Musashi says:

You really are legend always enjoy your good deeds they carry further than the receiver. Your TA is fantastic to compare better my own thankyou muchly Big Love

Get Saved says:

Dan, thank you so much for doing these videos!! I appreciate your hard work!! God Bless you!!!!

Get Saved says:

that was very nice of you to buy food for a homeless woman.

Camilo Carrillo says:


James Grant says:

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Chris Lorenzo says:

Never knew I could get this far in trading but thanks to Mr Murray I’m making so much cash from my profits…He’s ever willing to guide and enlighten traders so do contact him at

BuyCryptoPig says:

I think we have another leg down. according to my TA, but without Volume then we are never going to make it. We need NEWS

Michael Harris says:

lol, off to plant some seeds

Cali_Life Style3 says:

Dam bro you on point! You savage! Straight calling it how it is! No pumping that BS you hear other dudes say!

Ryan Painton says:

That seeds story escalated quickly.

Bill Ga says:

Only flowers I want to grow cost 300 an ounce! I could do that and forget all about crypto I suppose?

Terrina Cowan says:

Hi Dan, here on the East Coast of Australia your videos post at around 7am. So it’s breakfast with Dan at my place. Always a great way to start the day reminding us to try to do good things for the rest of the day. Thank you 🙂

Ghost • says:

Let me find out Dan is the pick up Don, as well as the trader Don.

Scorpion Investor says:

Ha. I thought you sounded Canadian, like me. I enjoy your content, as always. You’re an interesting person and your personal style does add value to these videos.

Phyiuck_Yiu says:

lol, trash coin.

Energy Core says:

Bull break on its way – but I’m waiting for the candle close because in bitcoin i’ve seen too many inside bar bull breaks in without followthrough to act on the moment it breaks

Also we rejected twice from 6900 in the last 12 hours – a close above that is probably my entry point

Levi says:

Hey Dan, thanks for the daily updates. Really helps a lot. On another note, ever since you did the lucid dream video I have been playing that game you were talking about where I ask myself how I know Im not dreaming and looking at my hands etc. Well, last night I had my first lucid dream and it was so weird! I realized that I was dreaming and had enough time for about 3 super jumps before I woke up. I think just the fact that I was so excited had something to do with waking up but that was some cool stuff man. Glad you introduced me to the subject. Cheers.

René Hamacher says:

Why should I buy your trading tools, when you don’t even make short trades? Why should I believe in people that only trade in one direction?

İzleyici Abi says:

gayet kullanışlı bitcoin mining adresi.
mobil uygulaması da var. dilediğiniz gibi kazabilirsiniz

Michael G. says:

Thanks for the update Dan

Randy Hipper says:

Great info Dan

parisotto86 says:

Dan, I’m grateful for your seasoned TA commentary and the humility with which you present it, thanks mate.

Chase Brock says:

Gonna go plant some seeds 😉

Dr Reverend King says:

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Jack Feeley says:

Soooo not looking forward to extending this bullish run even longer!!!! 🙁

We Tek says:

Very polite person , i like your daily advises. as much i like your TA’s.

Mike T. says:

Love the random plants seeds, give them to a girl or boy and get married and change your life remarks! Totally random and totally funny.

Klaus Zensen says:

special thank you for your comments on the weekly timeframes… very much appreciated!!

Roti Wokeman says:

@thechartguys you guys know you can trade on Kraken with USD, right? I’m talking margin trading.

Seval says:

You could buy physical Bitcoin, Ripple and ETH from Amazon. They’re awesome!!!!!

shiny x says:

Studies have shown direct cash transfers are more effective for people in poverty than giving food or other items. So just give money next time, not tacos.

Ryan Painton says:

That seeds story escalated quickly.

Bones McCoy says:

LOL…I love you man!! Well you know what I mean…you ROCK bro!!! DAN “Do Good Things” THE MAN !!!! I have noticed a bit of change in your attitude or outtake in just the last few weeks. Not sure why, but it just may be simply the time of year. Spring Time always gets me going…in a positive way. just keep “planting those seeds” and watch out what happens by summer/fall :))
Here’s my Spring Tip: Buy Silver, Fuk the Fed …FOMO will be brewing

Magnus says:

Great Idea, CryptoJesus. I will definitely plant some seeds in a woman.

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