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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 9/15/2017

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Mark Siegel says:

Totally agree! I grew up in NY and about a year ago moved to NC. Life down here is far more civilized. Thanks as always for the great video Dan!

Randy Hipper says:

Thanks Dan

BuyCryptoPig says:

CT the same way. especially near Springfield

Kristofer Carrison says:

Ya man! Appreciate your analysis and your approach to life.

Crypto Cryptov says:

Hahahaha the Fidelity guy got it…banksters=robots slave type

CryptoJane says:

Thanks!!! Always keeping us on track with TA & doing good! <3

Chris Daniels says:

@TheChartGuy if you walk around smiling at people… You will get sent to the crazy house… If you are a kid… that’s acceptable… As an adult you are labeled a quack..

Tim Martin says:

Thats twice in 2 videos Ive heard you say that BNB is very close to breaking its all time high. (time stamp 13:08)
You need to scroll out a little a check the price back on Jan 12th.

Ryan Meunier says:

Anyone know where the setting is for trading to turn the background black?

Monalisa Granted says:

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GILLMAN46 says:

What’s the news whats the news LOL

Jim Reed says:

Was looking at Fidelity, nice site, very useful, but only for American nationals. Do you know if there is a similar site that can be used by British/European nationals?

marc combs says:

And smiling at others should make us feel the effects of our smile even when they don’t smile in return. It’s doubtful they could somehow feel worse because someone smiles at them. Thanks 🙂

shiny x says:

Sounds like I should move to Massachusetts. Seriously, donate to GiveDirectly if you want to do good. Smiling does nothing in 99% of cases. Google “Effective Altruism”. Smiling is a feel-good thing, it’s not going to feed anyone.

Sophie says:

😀 big smile

ch says:

Why you didn’t say for the heald and shoulder patern last time in your video !?….

ronP __ says:

no shit man, #trySmiling you never know!
cheers 🙂

focuschivvy says:

The last time I gave eye contact and a smile at another human being, her husband knocked me the hell out

Philip Morgan says:

He’s wicked smat!


Wait, we’re bullish for another 3-4 days now? Im holding out for 5k – 4k. Will I miss the boat? Or we still Bearish overall?

Energy Core says:

I drew a descending wedge on the daily and we stopped right at that resistance. Two bull scenarios are a clear breakout after a bit of time at resistance, or a move sideways negating the descending wedge and setting a higher low. BNB is consolidating and I see it may form a cup and handle before breaking clearly over 18k Satoshi

Nocturne says:

Keep up the great work. Love this content!

Brian Pruitt says:

I appreciate the smile suggestion. I’ve been thinking how kindness is what really matters. And thanks for your simple to understand and concise reports!!! As a beginner trader I am finding your channel to be of superior quality!

sam gif says:

KUCOIN TA Next Please!

beto johns says:

Dan, thoughts on setting a stop loss vs sitting all cash when you go to sleep. i have heard you mention not being in trades when you are lucid dreaming the night away. but i was hoping you could elaborate some time. any situations where you would stay in a trade expecting a big overnight move and just set a stop loss. thanks for all your help and can’t wait for the “trading in a bear market” course addition.

JayBigDadyCy says:

SL didn’t get filled 🙁 feels bad man

cyberprompt says:

I live close to Boston. Went outside to smile at a woman walking her kids and she maced me.

Ninoela Gonsales says:

Hi *BEST Cloud Mining Bitcoin* best investment in the future!!

Matt Quaile says:

Thanks for the video man. It’s likely that we’ll retest the low of 5700-5900 before we get anywhere close to starting a bull market right?

collectorjrg says:

Trying to gauge if I’m getting better at reading charts. Does it make sense that the top of this bounce would be at about $7,750 and then down to around $6,200, back up to about $6,700, and then go below $6,000 and start it’s uptrend from there?

Chris Shermer says:

dear dan. maybe my brain is dead but why do we need to break the hourly support at 7270 ish to the downside in order to form a higher low on the daily in btc? don´t get it. can´t we keep going up to 7760 ish then retrace and form a higher low somewhere up there??wouldn´t it still be a higher low just one or a few candles later? thanks for the great free info.

Ubud High says:

On our Indonesian island of Bali, you can smile at anyone – and you always get a massive smile back. It’s normal here. In fact, it’s abnormal if you don’t smile. I find the West very topsy-turvy in that respect. It’s actually very weird. In the West, it’s like you’re insulting someone when you smile at a person you don’t know.

coin mastery says:

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Ivan Castano says:

Thanks again, Dan. The Fidelity note came from a CNBC article, not an analyst. As the RSIs scream overbought is there a strong likelihood that prices will cool overnight? Does the candle color matter when analyzing breakouts or is it just the shape we need to focus on? When will your course be ready?

Thunderbird says:

Not even close to an inverse head & shoulders!

Joel Leibowitz says:

Great video. Very glad I found your channel.

Martin McQueen says:

What time frames and indicators are key for swings Dan I am using 15min 1 hour and 4 hour at the moment I am probable using too many indicators on the alerts, but I am just getting used to the system.

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