Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin BNB Technical Analysis Chart 4/2/2018 by

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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 9/15/2017

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John Thomas says:

That update was clutch thank you

sony suru says:

Is it a good sign that on the japanese chart, btc/jpy bitflyer we had 2 big spikes over the 8k mark? Do you know any good site that we can see btc daily volume by region? Thank you!

Brian says:

What’s your name/handle on TradingView?

Deborah Haley says:

I appreciate you so much

John Holmes says:

how do you get the bot radar?

Helder Carvalho says:

Thanks big shoulders Dan, see you tomorrow

Ahmad Imran says:

Idea for good thing : I am aware that you have detailed course videos for various fundamentals but they get lengthy and difficult to understand. Plus they are hard to relate to a real life scenario because one tends to forget them.

The suggestion is that in each video, pick one topic whichever is relevant to the video (such as inverted head and shoulders in this video) and spend 1 minute to 2 minutes explaining the phenomenon. Nothing too detailed, just the summary of fundamentals about the chosen topic in literally couple of minutes max.

This will benefit hundreds of newbies and noobs to learn principles of trading in such a relevant and applied form. You are already doing a great job anyway. By adding these snippet educational pieces, you will turn every video into a short course as well with its practical example.

Whether you choose to do it or not, the fact remains that your videos are good and we benefit from it a lot. Keep up the good work and best of luck.

Gameslayers says:

Head and hunchback.

marc combs says:

I’m from the Shoulders-Higher-Than-Head Society. We’re flattered to be recognized in any way.

Dimissimo says:

DO GOOD THINGS: Make your Crypto Course free 😉

Markus Edelmann says:

butt radar

Ivan Castano says:

This was one of the best videos – Good thing? I am getting into a habit of buying Venezuelan immigrants (really just refugees from the Maduro regime) food as they look to settle in Bogota, Colombia, where I live. So I will try to do one such gift today. So, questions: Surely these BTC bounces will stay small until Consensus shoots out some good (I hope) news in mid-May including a desperately needed update of when Lightning Network will be ready? Gosh, that will send our wallets bursting. You say 5 months…why so long?
-Do your alerts and new bot offer break info such as the one that took place in BNB and Vechain in recent hours. I keep missing those freaking breakouts and my crypto account is dwindling…
-When will your course be ready? For us humble trading newbies, we are salivating over this treat. Please just don’t make it too expensive. Think of us the hungry poor hoping to one day own a Porsche (I don’t like Lambos!).
Thanks for being alive!!! And I think many of us benefit from your videos. I look forward to them every day.

Leonardo Sojli says:

What if each person of the community here decided to give to one of his friends the equivalent of 10 or 20$ of BTC in a Coinbase account ? Chart Guys, if you ask this to your public, you could use your affiliation link and ad 10$ to that gift. BTC is cheap now so that might worth 100$ in a while and in that way, we add Coinbase accounts and bring new people on this financial revolution. What do you think ?

Lori Carlson says:


bjpenn8008 says:

On Thursday btc closed at 7095 on binance when the stock market closed. Not that gbtc follows binance but just to give you an idea of price. And today btc closed at 6981 at the end of the stock market. Gbtc went up 6.67% today. Makes no sense to me why it would go up as gbtc follows the price action of btc.

Katieli Teu says:

You guys rock and teach me so much. Thanks for all your work and good deeds!

Barnaby Graham says:

To those trading stocks, which platforms do you use? I’d like one that I can use from the UK, I’d like to be able to short and use leverage. Cheap fees etc. Please recommend me some!

Marvin Taylor says:

Good Thing: This takes some set up time but it’s worth it. Become an agency partner with a local “Three Square” and you can set up an event where they deliver thousands of pounds of food to you from local grocery stores which was going to be tossed out and you can literally feed HUNDREDS of people in a low income community. I set this program up at my elementary school I teach with and our first event last week. It was great! People lined up on the day of the event and walked out with bags and carts full of groceries. Best part is that it is all FREE! Just need volunteers to help sort out the food and you can have these events as frequently as you’d like.

supernova1976 says:

My good thing may sound like a joke to some but I believe in it, smile more often when you come across another person , it doesn’t cost you anything and it will spread the positive feeling .

Salvatore Marchiano says:

Dude at 8:16 I started dying laughing with you

will saf says:

the other day i paid 40 dollars for groceries and got back 10 dollars too much in change and rather than say, whoa my lucky day, i was cool about it and gave it back. maybe that counts for something, ok bye bye

CURRENCY365 says:

lmaaoooooo shoulder higher then head….lol oh boy

Tom Dubowski says:

DO GOOD THINGS: Scratch someone’s back

Ashveer Mohadeo says:

I have also been looking at the inverse H&S forming, I think it’s very promising considering how oversold the market is right now.

Energy Core says:

Looking forward to the SPY Dow and IWM later today

C Joe says:

Bigfoot is insulted. He’s coming to get u.

Religous Crypto says:

Thanks, i have been using the alert system for a few months now. It is great.

Roy M says:

market has been so weak I feel like the inverted H&S almost seems like a long shot right now, bulls are still in the pit of misery.

Nicholas Clark says:

Thanks again!

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