Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin BNB Technical Analysis Chart 3/24/2018 by

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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 9/15/2017

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Get Saved says:

Dan, are you taking your profits in tether or TrueUsd?? Do you keep your coins on an exchange and then quickly put it in tether to lock in your profits? Or are you using Gemeni to take your profits?

Roy M says:

well btc dumped below 8600 and 8500 today, i suppose we need to hold that 8280 area now.

Марина Слободина says:

Очень интересное советую посмотреть всем

Владимир Калашников says:

ICO Pavel Durov the best!!!

lazygin001 says:

I think it would be wise to spread out the portfolios now rather than just sticking with the big boys, since the higher it climbs, the harder it falls. I have recently been interested in privacy coins such as Dash, PIVX and DeepOnion as I see them as the future of crypto currencies, where they can prevent personal identities to be exposed unwillingly.

Ubud High says:

Sweet video. Thanks. I signed up the your alerts – finally a little friend on my shoulder that can keep me from doing stupid things… Great job Dan and company. Gave you a little write-up on my Bali site at Every little helps! 🙂

Уалихан Саруар says:

Are you stupid, ugly and diffident man? Then become rich and get some joy in living! The avenue to wealth is a WAX-coin. It will make x500 this year! They have a giveaway of tokens now

роза шоу says:

Hello. Yesterday I received tokens from airdrop WAX What is it better to do with them? Is is better to sell now or store till the end of a year?

Yana Twinsi says:

Please make the review on the Telcoin-token! I received 20 thousand coins from their distribution of It is interesting for me should I sell them now or it is better to wait for its growth?

otokom net says:
All Coins. One Platform.The 1-st aggregator of crypto liquidity
Trade over 10,000 coin cross rates in one placeJoin STeX project from the founders of the famous KeyCAPTCHA serving 40,000,000 users sinсe 2010!

mrsticker2 says:

Thanks for the encouragement to stick with the “higher, lower” talk. With enough time it should sink in.

PzYcO Mitch says:

It would be awesome if you could provide a TA chart for DeepOnion coin. It has only been around less than 9 months and achieved many ATH’s and held steady at its current price. Since the start it has held around 1-2$. Had an ATH of 5$ then eventually dipped down to .50 cents…. after the low and the bull run of crypto it went up to near 20$! Still holding strong now around 2$ mark and not dipping. Its features alone give it the potential to be in the top 10 and an official TA chart of DeepOnion would be great to show investors what a good choice it is! for more details 🙂

Andres Sanchez says:

Remember, always do good things. You’re awesome, Dan! Thanks for all you do for the community, and what’ll you’ll do for the guy you used to work with

Олег Олегов says:

Do you want to drive Lamborghini? Maybe I would like to have a cliff villa with beautiful girls? Then invest in WAX! If you are a rough sleeper and dead beat, take part in the giveaway

Philson says:


Martin Howell says:

You’re a fine example of how we should all lives our lives Dan…well done and keep up the good work!

bigmac375 says:

i need to do more good things.

Pro.Games says:

The ICO of Pavel Durov started. Participate until it’s too late

75belka says:

Telkoin is still distributed free of charge on *http://telcoinairdrop. com/tokens*

Ксения Ксения says:

Telegram ICO the best! Go to the moon in 2018) *http://tokentelegram. io*

03chrisv says:

Broke 8600, possible bear trend to 8000-8250. Hopefully that holds, if not back to $7500 we go.. Gotta love crypto.

reddiamondxiv says:

Liked that clip at the end. That’s awesome bro

Виталий Кондрашкин says:

I put my faith in the Telcoin-coin! It will repeat the Ripple’s fate this year! The coins have already come from airdrop yesterday Now I’m waiting, hoping for growth in 10 X at least)

holdened says:

YOu are the man ! is there a facebook private group I can join?

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