Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin BNB Technical Analysis Chart 3/21/2018 by

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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 9/15/2017

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theyuha says:

Litecoin is at $171 at 9:25pm wed 3-21 so this looks ok now?

Kieron McKay says:

@TheChartGuys — What do you think about Carter’s comparison to the Gold chart? How it kind of looks very oddly similar…like in the last year having a VERY high correlation…and a few weeks ahead of bitcoin? Two clearly different assets, but what’s up with that? Would love your thoughts from the TA perspective.

Roti Wokeman says:

Do you guys do Forex?

gaudet Gaudet says:

Love you Dan!

dragon oncrypto says:

Couldn’t agree more with the BTC analysis, $8.5k will be the support level I believe, positions look safe at the moment but no need to add unless it breaks $10k. Although Ethereum is looking good I’m still expecting a deeper dip with BTC domination set to increase. I’d be interested to hear your analysis on privacy coins though, there’s obviously Monero and Zcash but if you want some more challenging technical analysis then up and coming small cap coins ZenCash or DeepOnion would be interesting. I realise your TA is mainly based on the more well-known cryptocurrencies, but it’d be great to hear some more diversity.

topmodd says:

LOL Healthy ? these you tubers are getting desperate, they are down to the weekly charts now….

SlayerX says:

Anybody who says healthy correction deserves to have their neck snapped!

Blok Gen says:

You’re the best Dan!

ndrew6000 says:

Can you take a look at BCH/USD and BCH/BTC? Thanks Dan

Mick Jos says:

Can you look at ICX sometimes?

Eli Ozaeta says:

Nice TA lol

Nima Pars says:

Great video. Thank you.

I Love you All says:

Taxation is Extortion

carmen sandim says:

Dan – thank you so much for being so generous with your expertise! I just started trading a few weeks ago, and just by watching your videos I have been able to learn enough to get back in the black, and even make some profit – as a musician-teacher-single mother of 2, you can imagine how much that means to me!

coolezum says:

BNB ??

PK says:

Is there a chartguys telegram channel? Thx

Satoshi Nakamoto says:

Your channel is very direct and to the point no crap.Your a very honest guy and really helpful.

Carlos Amilcar says:

Thank you

Menno l'Abee says:

Thank you so much! i’m learning a lot !

Andres Sanchez says:

Remember, always do good things

Ken Shuart says:

Extremely helpful analysis.. Thank you!

Daniel Le says:


Get Saved says:

thank you for another update!!!!!!!!!!!!

roadstar499 says:

Death cross? grave stone emoje..Whats next the triple hang man atomic drop???. geee… sounds pretty grim

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